This video is about how to setup a simple Potted plant setup for our aquariums. This method is very simple and cost effective , you can do this in less than 100 Rs. Cabomba is the kind of plant used in the pots and there are other plants like Anubias, drift wood, lawa rock, planted aquarium soil, river sand. I have introduced Electric blue rams and wild cardinal tetra. Hope you guys like this video..


  1. ஜி வணக்கம் என் பெயர் சதிஷ் சென்னை குன்றத்தூர் இந்த மீன் தொட்டியில் எந்த மண் மிக்ஸ் பன்னீறீக்கிங்க ஆற்றுமண் தானே

  2. Bro I have a 2ft tank for my 2oscars and I have algae formation in the recent time. I have been using this tank over 2yrs but I never had this issue. Can you help me with the rootcause and a solution to get rid of the algae formation..

  3. Bro first of all i am from cbe and i luv ur just keep going!

    Can u say how to reduce the cost for driftwood coz they say it for 1.5k per kg🤦‍♂️. So i got from near by lake a driftwood but my water is changing colour even after hear treating in water. But my wood is not black as ur its but its brown.

    And can u say how much does a rock cost too..

    With heavy ❤ – cbeian'

  4. Hi, could you please suggest a good rack maker for the aquariums. Yours look really simple and nice. I have space constraints and need to get something similar. Would be happy to speak to you and get some leads. Thanks

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