How to Prepare Potting Soil for Indoor Plants | Garden Up

Ready made complete soil:
Here is a quick and an easy way to prepare potting
soil mix for indoor plants and vegetables at home. All that you need is equal proportion of cocopeat, garden soil and a handful of compost.
To get best results, fertilise every two months.



  1. I have basic soil,pot ,what i should add for vegetables &fruit plant cocopeat, vege feteliger IAM I correct & add what???

  2. Mam your way of explaining things is very easy and understandable.Thanks for this informative video!!!!
    I am gonna subscribe your channel🙏

  3. Though I am very late I came to the right place… no words in my vocabulary to explain ur presentation, patience, details etc.. people like you were big assets of nature ..
    one question, instead of filling gravel in pot can’t we reduce the number of holes?

  4. Hi is it necessary to put the plant in plastic pot and than in ceramic pots or we can directly plant on ceremic pot

  5. I am growing my plants in pot, but they are stucking like statues they dont flower they dont grow, i think soil is not good, so i want to change the soil, i found some garden soil mix in online which is called trust brand soil mix etc..should i buy that and mix along with vermicompost and cocopeat, or else should is it really enough of just using vermicompost and cocopeat by mixing with the soil remaning in my pots can u please tell me

  6. I used cocopeat with garden soil for indoor plants but all of my plants get die. Soil is wait but leaf getting yellow one by one and die after some day

  7. How many times 1 cocopeat can be used? I saw your link 1 brick is of 3.5kg somewhere, so how many pots can you fill?

  8. Mam m in love with plants but i make use of fertilizer given by nursery person which is not that effective on my plants……….. I also wish to make use of vermicompost but very much afraid of worms…………….. Do worms develop after using vermicompost in my potted plants……. I have done too much research for getting a reply but failed mam………… Hoping for a perfect and detailed reply from ur side………. I really want to give a healthy life to my plants grown in a flat like yours…………. Your balcony garden is a superb inspiration…..

  9. Can i use the same soil mix for Big Snakeplant which I am going to keep in dark room in about 10 inches pots?

  10. What to do if my tubs are full with worms? Please suggest some simple procedure to remove earthworms. I am afraid that those will invade into my rooms in the coming rainy season

  11. Hlw mam.I m very much fond of Gardening. Can u plz tell me wht I use instead of perlite.? For i m making a glass fowerpot.

  12. क्य आप ये सब अपनी मातृभाषा हींदी में बंता सकती है ।

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