How to prevent root rot in potted plants

See how Wendi uses a new method to plant her new fern in a glass pot without holes!

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  1. Not explaining anything just potting a plant. This is useless. You didn’t even show this same plant months later to see how it is faring. You need to be a better YouTuber

  2. Kind of pointless tbh… you should have at the very least added in some sand layers or something to create a visually interesting piece instead of just plunking the fern into that huge glass cube just full of soil…

  3. Charcoal is good for deodorizing and it seems to help roots of certain plants to grow better. I would add some charcoal if you are potting something like a fern in pot without holes since they prefer soil to stay moist. Just in case of over watering, you know? Good luck!

  4. The fern did really well for a while, but when summer came the air got too dry. The pot is deep so I have to put more water inside to reach the roots of the plant. Too much water sitting on the bottom of a tall pot without holes for air circulation caused a little mold/mushroom issue because the sun hit where I put it. Now I took out the fern and put it in the greenhouse. I think this method would work better if you live in a more humid place.

  5. Hi there! Yes, it does work for me! The plant is still thriving nicely. Sometimes when I tend to over water, the drainage on the bottom works really well for that. Because there's more moisture on the bottom, I also don't have to water my plant as fraquently — maybe just once a week, or twice a week now that it's warmer here. If you are going to give it a try, let me know if it works for you too! 🙂

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