How to re-pot a plant – Tips for re potting plants/Home garden tips /sogo palm Transplantation.

Cycas plant transplant into container.Every three months potted plants should be replanted.replant using this method potted plant grow more healthy.our skilled gardeners show to garden lovers how to replant Home potted plants.? this is very much use for all potted plants.


  1. Cycads are as tough as nails……..that will come back good when a new flush of leaves come then cut the old fronds off. Good transplant no mucking around.

  2. So, we are saying to repot every three months – 4 times a year? That seems like a lot – a whole lot

  3. HELP!!! I have one about a year old and all of a sudden it leaves are going yellow is it to be trimmed off its all the leaves/limbs if I do it will not be nothing but the comb. any help for me and it? also the water? I have watered mine in house when I water the cactus plants wondering if was not enough or enough. thanks

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