How to repot a plant? | Beginners Guide to Repotting

I teach you how & when to move your indoor house plants into a bigger pot. Also, which is better: terracotta, plastic, or ceramic pots? What does it mean to be pot bound or root bound. Sometimes, your indoor house plants just need a bigger plant pot.

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0:00 Intro
0:09 Containers
0:18 Material of containers
1:16 Size of containers
1:22 Drainage of containers
1:57 What is repotting?
2:16 Root/Pot Bound
3:03 Switching soil composition
3:15 When to repot?
3:40 How to repot? Step 1: Removal
4:18 Step 2: Teasing
4:40 Step 3: New containers
5:11 Demonstration
5:56 Step 4: Shower
6:07 Step 5: Cutting back
6:18 End

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  1. Oh wow, the ending was so unexpected but was much needed. I’ve been putting off repotting my plants cause I’ve been scared I might do it wrong and kill them in the process. Thanks for the motivation! Also, I love your interactive way of teaching. I usually skip through intros and jump into what I actually searched for but your video was so interesting I couldn’t skip

  2. Thank you so much! Nice video and helpful

    -Jesus loves all and wants the save all. Romans 10:9-10✌️

  3. Hey, thank you for that ending. Today was pretty dark for me, and as I've been getting through it I found some happiness in your final thoughts. Thank you.

  4. Thought of repotting. After watching the ending of the video, I want to plant my plant in the woods (unlimited freedom).

  5. Haha! Now people new to plant come in pot up everything nice in good pots. But would have mentioned prepping soil with boiling water to prevent flys… I know I know another video but would have taken a extra 25 seconds. Do not just grab store bought potting soil and repot make sure you prep for prevention of the GNATS!

  6. Wow I was reading the messages when I started the video and figured it was sarcasm because seriously were watching a video on repotting plants how can you be inspirational but wow just wow!!!

  7. I’ve been building my plant family and have ten plants! All of which need to be repotted because they’re growing so big 😅 thank you for this info!

  8. At the risk of sharing TMI, I'm going through some shit right now and I think I was meant to click on this video. First time gardener and middle-aged woman in crisis…you fixed 'em both…two birds! You're adorable and knowledgeable and creative and you're up a subscriber!

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