How To Repot Houseplants! | Repotting Houseplants

Today I am showing you my process for repotting houseplants! Indoor plants need to be repotted so frequently during their lifetime to allow new growth. I also believe repotting newly purchased plants is a vital step some people make mistakes doing. This is just my process to move a plant to a new pot, there are definitely other ways to go about it (:

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  1. You made this so simple and understandable. Thank you! Right to the point. And I love Black Gold too. Great video.

  2. You didn't put a layer of stones at the bottom, so I'm guessing that the pot you used has a drainage hole underneath for excess water to spill out? You didn't mention that step, or did you?

  3. Should newly reported house plants be watered from the top, or bottom watering? I noticed you watered from the top so I was just curious 😊
    P.S. your videos are great and super informative!

  4. Nice video. B what to do after the plant grows even more that this new pot would be small & you would have to repot it again? How would you squeeze the actual pot?

  5. Great video. I will be potting at least 2 plants. While my mother has done this several times, I have not. This gave me the basic information that i needed.

  6. Informative, fun I guess, and takes guess work out of repotting. Thank you for this. You have been praised.
    Fun Fact: up until a few years ago I thought it was "guest work". 🤔

  7. Uhmm I don't know what I'm doing wrong but… some of my repotted plants take a couple of minutes till the water goes in the soil but some of them, the water just sits there on top it doesn't go in until I poke hole with a stick. It drains then. Could you help me out please I'm struggling rn

  8. Harli: uses a small pot to grab fresh soil so as to keep fingernails clean.

    Also Harli: breaks up soil from nursery pot with bare hands 😂

    But in seriousness, thank you! Great video. Helped me a lot!

  9. brill.think im doing it right .except i have to get rid of all my soil a i have a fungus problem..just hope they take to the new soil.premium multipurpose..hope that ok .on amazon

  10. Hiya 🙂 Do you HAVE to replant new plants? I just bought a new baby (been a week) and its in a plastic container with holes as well a ceramic pot – just came that way. Should I repot it??

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