How to Setup a Drip Irrigation System for Containers/Potted Plants

This short video from Drip Depot shows how to setup a drip irrigation system for containers/ potted plants that might be located on a deck or patio. If you would like to learn more about this system or about drip irrigation in general please feel free to visit our website: Thanks for watching!

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  1. What is the last type of adjustable dripper? What is it called. We're using two in 20" pots that just drip but don't think it's sufficient for the flowers for accent under the shrub we're have as our main plant. Would like to spray a little more than just drip.

  2. Great Video. I was very impressed with the suggestions on two drips per plant to get water all around the plant, and placing hose in warm water to help connecting hose to drip. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

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