1. Very nice… I found your channel somehow…lol… I really like it.. Its nice… Watching alot of your videos.. Im not into fancy smancey cooking shows.. And extravagant recipes… But you have some really nice delicious looking.and . Simple stuff… Great job. Thank you!

  2. Hi wow how impressive are you, you surprised me on jow you just know a little about everything. I love your channel, thanks for today
    Tips, I love gardening and will definitely follow your tips. Thank you Sara Ruiz, Grand Prairie Texas

  3. Loved all your chips on your Loz awesome I have many many spider plants and I also had to Christmas tree cactus the Christmas tree cactus are doing fairly well but I don't know much about them and what they need for care they didn't come with Jags my spider plants are huge and I can't get any bigger of a pot in my window lol so with that is it possible to separate those also I know I can replant the babies but I just feel that these guys have gotten way too bushy and they need room

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