How to Stake Pothos & Other Indoor Plants!

There is more than one way to stake an indoor vine. Of course you can use a traditional moss pole, but there are other methods to try and objects to use as well!

This video covers a multitude of examples of how to stake an indoor vine including some very non-traditional ways!

You can also watch me stake a large Monstera deliciosa that I have been procrastinating doing for a while!

THANK YOU ALL for subscribing and for all of the wonderful support!


1:03 Coco coir & twine over cedar stake
2:35 Moss totem
3:07 Rope poles

4:02 Raw wood
5:25 Bamboo stakes
6:26 Curved bamboo stakes
7:13 Metal pipes
7:24 Bird cage hanger
10:09 Vintage bent wood ox cart
11:11 Vintage wood crutches
12:04 Brass rings hanging fixture
13:43 Umbrella frame

25:50 Rope Trellis

26:30 Retrofit planter legs
27:18 Copper plumbing pipe


  1. I hope I'm not re-asking a question, but how is that flange secured to the terracotta pot? Or if you can share the link to that video you mentioned, that would be fantastic! I just wasn't sure if there was another part under the pot that the flange was screwed into. I have a monstera that's starting to get pretty large. Not as large as the one you are working on, but it's getting there. Thank you! I love your videos!

  2. I love these ideas for interesting plant supports. As a newbie, when my baby pathos is vining and has outgrown its pot, how do I transfer it to a larger pot without taking it off of the support?

  3. I wished my plants would cling to everything lol. It's a good plant problem. Thanks for all of your videos and helpful tips. Thanks for being you, your freaking awesome and you remind me of myself always fun crazy ideas and you never know if something doesnt work if you dont try. Have a great day.

  4. long hair women forever adjusting their hair.
    a preference i'd guess. i will never know.
    born naturally curly

  5. This video is a perfect example of how easily distracted I get by Amanda’s randomness (as someone who is also very random and has a brain that moves at lightening speed). I came to learn how to stake up a baby pothos (that I haven’t even purchased yet) and now I’m looking at my umbrella like hm…🤣

  6. Hi, if you’re tying things down, how do you water? All of my plants are in plastic pots so I can let them drain out of their planter. It looks like you’re not moving the monstera for example.

  7. Awesome channel! 2 comments: the halo trellis seems like it could also be replicated by ripping the netting off of a fishing net, you can find them large and many shapes! It would be so cool if during your videos when you single out a plant, like the ivy, you just put the name of THAT one plant on the screen (not for your jungle). You have so many cool plants and I'm so under educated!

  8. Is it common for pothos to turn yellow soon after you wrap it around a pole upwards? Some if my stems and leaves have done this. I don't have the same problem with the plant that I let hang down sitting right next to this one. Strange.

  9. How much better is moss over just wood seeing as though she just showed removing roots from a wood steak. Want to do whatever is easiest for me but so that my plants roots can grow onto and up

  10. “There’s a lot at stake here” I see what you did there Amanda 👀 also I love your videos, I’ve been binge watching all your videos the past couple weeks and bought so many plants since!!

  11. "this moss pole is made of coco coir". And I was like "where's the moss there?"

    Seriously, that habit of mislabeling things needs to stop!

  12. This woman has given me so much confidence to grow plants. And learning to love plants and growing them has been a lifeline for me!! Thank you beautiful warm friendly Planterina!!

  13. I have no idea how to get a big piece of wood to stay up in the pot and not fall over🤷‍♀️

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