How to Water Indoor Plants: The Basics

When you are first getting into houseplants it can be a little confusing when watering time comes. Here are a few basic tips on watering your indoor plants. Every indoor environment is different so its understanding how your plant absorbs water is the fundamental key to delivering the proper amount of water for your houseplants. Read the labels of your new plants, and take a little time to research each plants individual care requirements. Indoor plants can be easy, and low maintenance, but they still need the proper amount of water to thrive.


  1. Hello, for the water of the dehumidifier to be RO (Reverse Osmosis) it needs a specific filter which only a few Dehumidifiers have.
    If that's the case you can also drink this water and its ok for the plants as well. If not this water might have some bacteria or other types of harmful stuff from the air. So I wouldn't recommend you to water the plants with it just in case.

  2. My husband just bought me 4 large plants and I need to repot them. I saw in your snake plant you put it in a small ugly one them put it in a decorative one. It's it the nursery pot its in or a different one. I have afiddle leaf, mass cane, snake plant, and a palm. Best repotting suggestions?

  3. Thank you very much for the presentation. One question I have is what do you feel about plant water meters? Do you find them useful?
    Thanks again.

  4. I’m new with plant keeping. Don’t really have a great track record in keeping them alive. So now I’m doing research and asking around. I have a snake plant and a fiddle leaf fig.
    How do I ensure to not over or under water them?

  5. Thank you for your video, but please don’t forget to feed you plants with SEASOL , POWER FEED , HARVEST etc🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  6. Great idea for the terracotta pot with no drainage holes!! I’ve seen so many cute designs for these with no holes in them so i try to drill one and they end up breaking 😂 never thought of doing it this way

  7. I watered my monstera deliciosa very thoroughly but it ended up with root rot 🙁 I know need to find a way to not water it that much but also not killing it lol

  8. Ok planterina I have common house plant and some that might be considered uncommon but I EVERY time get it wrong with a gifted peace lily plant! I know they loooove watering but then some times it seems to be too much and before I know it the damned things are falling over! I cam keep any plant besides peace lilies it seems! 😭😭😭😭

  9. 9:48 I have trouble lift my bird of paradise while watering it that's why I was looking for solution here, then I fould this, HaHa

  10. I just installed a whole house water softening system and filtering system with a reverse osmosis tank in my sink. For health reasons. I guess my plants will like it too lol

  11. i really did not come here to know how to watter plant i just wanted a clip of someone watring them so i can cut and add to my video

  12. I treat my plants like royalty and like to water them with spring water if I can other than flouride, chorilne infested stuff that comes out of the tap.

  13. "Dry like my skin after I was sunbathing in the 80's" gave me the biggest laugh of the day. Thank you for that! You have a beautiful energy, no wonder your plants love you! 🙂

  14. Hey Planterina! Love your videos. So informative.
    Reverse osmosis filtration system is the way to go! We paid a couple hundred bucks for it. It pays for itself 😊

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