How To Water Indoor Pot Plants | How often to soak without making a mess

Check out this great trick for watering indoor pot plants without making a mess, that means you don’t have to water them as frequently.

In this demo, Floristry educator Yvette Timmins shows how to soak indoor pot plants using a trough that keeps your plants happy and healthy in your home all year round.

People often ask how to water indoor plants without making a mess, and because it can be such a challenge people often don’t water their plants as often as they should. When considering how often to water pot plants indoors, the method you use is critical as just pouring water into the top of the pot doesn’t actually give the plant the best chance to drink.

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Watering Indoor Plants


  1. No one ever mentions it but……. Salt buildup is the biggest killer of potted plants. Get a simple ppm meter and measure the runoff as compared to whats being used to saturate the soil. I have measures levels as high as 5000ppm on runoff when flushing (app 10 times greater than what should be) plants that have gone months without a proper flush. Flush by dipping, soaking, or from the top. If your tap water is 300ppm; you should continue flushing untill your waste water is no more than twice that number. Have you ever wondered why you can root a cutting in water and it grows roots and continues to thrive totally submerged ? Well, that's because there isn't salt buildup or any surface area for evaporation to solidify the salts! Certainly it's not because the plant is too dry or too wet! Growing in a confined pot with evaporation always leaves behind salt on the roots. FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH and your plants will thank you!

  2. How do you know when to water? I a meter reader which says dry at top of soil but wet at the bottom. I use premium potting mix and perlite. Thanks

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