Indoor Plant Collection Tour – Summer 2020 | Meet My Houseplants

Hey everyone, here is a complete and updated houseplant tour of all my plants indoors so far. You’ll get to see some plants that are thriving really well, while others aren’t doing so good. I’ll also share some of my newest favorite plants that gets me so excited. So grab a coffee or wine, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Plant Styling and Tour:
Bedroom Plant Tour:

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  1. You have the most spectacular string of hearts I've ever seen they're not Tangled they grow Vines 360 around the pot that are so beautiful thank you Louise

  2. How do you take care of your coffee plant? Mine continues having new leaves throughout winter – I live in Southern Alberta.However they are smaller than the original ones when I first bought the plant. And many of them after a while turn yellow. Never to the point that it dropped leaves but it has lost the deep shinny green which I love. Please help. Love your videos.

  3. I aspire to have my pilea grow as vigorous as yours wow. I love how you keep the babies with the plant. maybe dont remove them unless you plant on having the do what that has done because clearly theyre thriving.

  4. Showing the growth and development of your plants with the lighting and weather conditions and environment you provide them is really helpful. thank you.

  5. Hi, I was just searching for the advice on care for my new Chinese money plant. I have found your channel and I love your plants collection and your money plant 😍. While watching your video I have noticed that you have a cat?! But you have so many toxic to cats plants! How do you keep your cat away from your plants? My cat is trying to get to my plants ( I have only 3) so I have to keep them out of his reach and only non- toxic ones… I would love to have more plants if I could only keep them safe from my cat's teeth !

  6. You seem to have the perfect light area for philodendrons. Bright. Indirect light. I use half coarse orchid mix with potting soil. I use the finger check for moisture. Only water when dry.
    I know you can do a great job with the philosophy. Love your video.

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