Indoor Plant Watering System Review – DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit – Water Plants On Vacation

Check out my review for this indoor plant watering system, the DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit. It’s a great product to help you water your plants while you’re away on vacation!

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  1. I bought this and tried it a few days ago. I had troubles putting the dripping ends into the tube because the tube was very tight (Great, I thought). My setup involves multiple T connections, 1 tube branching into 2, then 2 into 4, then 4 into 8 dripping ends. When I turned the machine on and it started pumping the water I noticed that on every T connection the water was dripping a lot, around one tablespoon in 30 seconds of it running. That's not really a little considering that I'd need to run it for some 90 seconds. I guess I was not very lucky with my batch of cables but I don't like to rely on luck anyway. I personally give this overpriced product 2 stars and am surprised that in EU online market it's basically the only option for the task (others have significantly less good reviews). I hope this will be useful info for those considering buying this.

  2. This was great to see how everything was put together and how simple it was to set up. Seeing how the stakes worked, I ended up grabbing some fan irrigation sprayers to allow for a wider water coverage. All in all great video!

  3. Either small or big, indoor or out door. Self watering system is the way to go. I am using a Hunter 12 channels with WiFi and it’s saves me a ton of work. My whole garden is on auto.

    All gardeners who don’t use machines for watering are living life the hard way.

  4. How can I get a copy of the Installation & Programming Manual. I lost My and I dont know hopw to program it. Please helpme. If you can please send me a copy of it I will apreciated very much.. Send it to .. Thanks

  5. I got the system thru Amazon and followed the installation instructions but my problem was fitting the spikes to the tubing as it very narrow and got frustrated getting it to fit. So I do not understand how you can say that it was EASY to fit them with no problem !!! If you have a solution let me know otherwise tomorrow I'll return it. Thank you. I'm looking forward to your response.

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