Indoor Plants that Flower–for Real!

In this video, I talk about 17 different houseplants that will flower indoors, from Orchids to Bromeliads to Begonias and Flowering Anthurium. With the proper plant care, some of these indoor plants will actually provide you with year-round color!


1:23 Rieger begonia
2:31 Begonia coccinea
3:57 Rex begonia
4:16! Christmas begonias
4:16. Evergreen begonias
4:16. Cane begonia
4:49 Tradescantia zebrina
7:09 Orchids
9:07 Tillandsia cyanea/ Bromeliads
10:58 Anigozanthos species / Kangaroo Paw
12:09 Oxalis triangularis
13:08 Flowering Anthurium
14:41 Maranta leuconeura
15:35 Exacum species / Persian Violet
16:26 Schlumbergera Buckley I / Christmas Cactus
17:06 Trachelospermun jasminoides
17:43 Senecio rowleyanus