Indoor Plants That Suck…A Lot of Water! | 14 Extra-Thirsty Houseplants

You don’t hear much about house plants that require a lot of water, so in today’s video I thought I would showcase indoor plants that need constant watering in order to thrive.
These plants need a little more attention–OK a LOT more attention!–compared to other less fussy houseplants.

1:08 Baby’s Tears
1:59 Zebra Plant
2:56 Juncus effusus
3:35 Spike Moss
4:27 Peace Lily
6:11 Umbrella Plant (Cyperus)
6:48 Boston Fern
8:47 Pitcher Plant
10:09 Majesty Palm
11:08 Wandering Jew
12:27 Bird of Paradise
13:07 Swedish Ivy
15:46 Myrtle
17:29 Creeping Fig

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