Leaving Your POTTED Fruiting Plants Outside all Winter?!

In this video I show you an easy way to insulate your containered plants for the winter which can allow you to leave them outside ALL winter with no problems.

The video was shot in November 2017 & the thumbnail is from February 2018. As you can see, everything looks great.
Fruiting plants that can be overwintered outside in Zone 7:

Asian Pear
European Pear
Goji Berry
Bush Cherry

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  1. Very informative! Was looking to see if I can grow a fruit tree in a container (18" W x 14" H – guess about a 10-15 gallon wooden bucket) to be left outdoors year-round (zone 7 – NE Philly). What's a good fruit tree to start with? Looking at your list, I like Pluots & am curious about Pawpaw. Any sugestions? Possibly a productive & easy maintenance tree to begin with? TIA!

  2. I’m in Northeast Ohio I’m going to order 1 yard of mulch to mulch in 12 sawtooth oaks that I purchased, that I have been unable to get into the ground yet.

    They are about 16 inches high in the pots and I was thinking about spreading mulch 14 inches high around them and then putting straw over the top. This may be a silly question but do I have to water these? I know we will get snowfall where they will be outside, so I imagine the snowmelt should provide enough water over the winter? Thanks!

  3. Thank you thank you, thank you so much for a video as I online everywhere for something like this .you are right not much of this online for plants in container . I have a small terrace and went searching for a bale of straw in NYC 😬 hard to find in the middle of December but you showed what to do with it and I will be doing just that tomorrow. AMAZING info and practical

  4. You are so correct .. it is a topic not covered much ! My question is if I plan to leave my potted strawberry plant in covered porch covered in mulch .. should I water in winters at all ? I live in Toronto and temp hits below zero for a long time ..
    Btw thank you for the video … very helpful indeed

  5. I’m going to grow Asian pear tree in a pot. I’m zone 7a… it does fine here if planted in ground. Should I put the tree in my in heated garage? Or just put the straw/mulch mix?

  6. I’ve buried my 5 gallon pail’s completely flush in the ground in Wisconsin. I’ve done this for 10 years straight with apple trees I started from seeds and haven’t lost one. I made the mistake of digging them up last spring and never buried them come winter and lost everyone accept for two.

  7. our frost here is down 5.5 ft, that means if we don't want our water pipes to freeze in the winter, they better be that deep.. but there are a lot of trees that have roots that are only down a couple few or even almost on top of the ground and they survive.

  8. Not only are you insulating these potted plants, but you also protect from the shear wind force. The straw will take the brunt of the wind force rather than the plant cells.

  9. Hey, I live in a little suburb called Bensalem outside of Philly. Is there anywhere you recommend getting cuttings from? I like growing from seed but, I know I'm never guaranteed fruit starting from seed..thanks!..

  10. Hi Ross, i give you Thumb's UP! For your gardening program. I live in Zone 6B and had 2 Brown Turkey Fig Trees planted in my garden. For the first 2 years they fruited and did well, but last year they died on me. Every winter i would mulch the trees heavily with straw and shredded newspapers and cover the tree in burlap. But we had a weird weather last winter 2016 – 17 and they died. Can you tell me what i did wrong?
    This year I've ordered Chicago Fig Trees, hopefully they'll do better, if i learn what I've done wrong before.

  11. Hi Ross I had my Figs in the shed last year where the temperature is not that bad .I don't know how it is going to be for them this year because it was really cold . I'm in upper Bucks County Pa. Zone6B only brown turkey very slow to leaf out.

  12. Ross your boy Maddog here. The one thing I can tell you is if you plant a a fig tree 3 to 3 and half feet deep you will never worry about losing a tree. I don’t even cover my trees at all and I get fruit every year. I live in 6A North Jersey. Good see you brother. Keep these videos going. Love them. Oh and I keep my citrus trees in terra-cotta pots only and they range from 12 to 18 inch pots. 👍

  13. I have a multi graphed pluot tree in a container out side in a hole in the ground for Winter. This is the Second year I did this with no problems the tree grows great.im from Pittsburgh by the way not the coolest area to overwinter plants in containers I would like to see someone from a Zone 3 or 4 do this in containers to see how well it goes

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