Loss and New Life on the Farm : Flower Hill Farm

Hi Flower Friends! It’s Nicole from Flower Hill Farm- we have new baby chicks!!

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  1. I would too Nicole. I raised homing pidgeons and predators would snatch them and I would cry couldn't take it anymore. Had I known, I would have gotten a Great Pyrenees dog. From what I read, they are wonderful and will protect your chickens. 😊

  2. Hi Nicole! I'm so sorry for the loss of your 3 hens. Those baby chicks are adorable. It will be fun watching them grow. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. My son and I were planting some plants for a local company & saw our first hummingbird moth! It was amazing!

  4. Oh Frizzle Frazzle was my favorite! I can't imagine how you feel. I totally understand. Some people don't understand the love we can have for animals- their loss!

  5. We all loved Frizzle. It’s always sad to lose a chicken even though it is a part of having animals. I did lose time playing on the chicken site even though I’m not ready yet to order more. I like that they will ship mixed small shipments.

  6. Aww I’m so sorry about your chickens 😢. I so get it. I get way too attached too. I just found you because we are actually moving up there from Florida very soon! My husband got a job offer up there. So awesome to see some local people on YouTube up there! Xo

  7. To quote Jess from Roots and Refuge, “You can’t have livestock without deadstock.” I have to tell myself that more than I would like to admit with our cattle, but it helps…a little…

  8. Chicken math is a thing! Which is why we have 45 chickens, 7 turkeys, 4 guineas, and 14 ducks. Oops!! 😆

  9. I love my polish hens! I inherited two when I bought my house. They are my favorite. They seem quite dumb because the feathers kind of block their view so they are easy to catch. Mine are named Dumb Dumb One and Dumb Dumb Two. Wait until it rains and their feathers flop down. Talk about a bad hair day! One of them insists on roosting outside. In the WINTER. In Montana. Every night I went out when it was at freezing and put her to bed in the coop. I even found her roosting on my patio one winter night at the beginning of a snowstorm. She was covered in snow! I built a roof over her roosting spot so she doesn't get so wet or snowy. I'm dreading the day when I lose a chicken. I don't even know how old they are!

  10. You are my absolute favorite of all of the flower farmers. I love your personality! I’m so sorry about your beloved chicken but seeing those new baby chicks is so exciting. I also love that your daughter named them after the characters from Hamilton. I listen to the sound track from the show all the time and love it! Good luck with your new baby chicks!

  11. So saddened to hear about the chickens 😭. I loved seeing Frizzle Frazzle in the videos and will definitely miss her. The attachments we have for our fur/feather babies is so real ❤️. The new babies will be a joy to watch…love the names too! Thanks for sharing the good with the bad 😍

  12. So sorry about your loss!. My neighbor lost at least two of her chickens last night when another neighbors 2 dogs got loose and went on the attack. It was horrific. Very excited to watch the new chicks grow!

  13. Sorry for your loss. Love the new 🐥. I love the humming bird moths too. I have not seen them since I moved☹️. Hopefully I can attract them here with plantings.🤞🏻🤞🏻

  14. Came for flower talk and got introduced to chics !!! Omg I love it here! So nice to see you light up just from talking about you new chics . Side note I share my name with on of the chic. Lol

  15. So sorry for your loss! The new babies are adorable and I absolutely love that the Polish ones look like they're wearing wigs! BTW Veda's tights (and ears) are so cool! I love them!

  16. I love your chickens and so sorry for your frizzle loss !!! I watched this video so many times, they are so cute.

  17. Sorry about your chickens. Coyote got two of my cats this month. Circle of life I guess but it dosen't make it any easier.

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