Miniature Potted Plants & Gardening Tools; Tulips and Succulent – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi guys! Today’s video is on these Tulip and Succulent flower pots and gardening tools; perfect for spring 🙂 This was requested by a lot of you, so I hope you enjoy 😀 The plant and flowers are made with clay, which many of you asked for, but I also used a product called flower soft, which is made for making fluffy looking miniature flowers. It’s basically just colored plastic in very tiny net like pieces. If you can’t find it, you can just use very tiny pieces of paper or skip it all together 🙂
To make the bigger flower pot look old and crackling (in my head that’s a work ;P), I used a crackle medium, that you apply under a layer of paint.

Good to know:
I work in 1:12 scale, but you can make them in any size you want and add headpins to make them charms 🙂 I used a mix of the polymer clay brands Fimo and Cernit, but you can use any brand you like. The liquid clay I use is from the brand Fimo. My mold maker is from Siligum/Sili-put.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video ^^

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  1. I really like the stuff u make, u are so very talented! I hope my pieces will eventually looks as realistic as yours!

  2. brilliant,you make it look so easy!you are very talented,the best tutorial i have seen,you have inspired me,thankyou.

  3. you make it so easy.. when we are going to do, bc we think we can do, geeezz.. my flower look like an alien..

  4. You never fail to impress and inspire me sometimes I even watch you when I am bored so thank you so much for the videos and stay happy and safe!

  5. I love this tutorial, learn something knew:) But I do have a question though, what is the name of your tool that you roughly made outline with? Question, does needle tool, be good to draw a rough draft with?

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