Moving Houseplants Outdoors for Summer! | How To Move Indoor Plants Outdoors!

Today I talk about how to move indoor plants to outdoors for summer! Moving houseplants to outside can be overwhelming, but I promise it’s really pretty simple to do! I talk about which plants I move outdoors for the warm season as well as how I acclimate the indoor houseplants to outside temperatures & natural sunlight! Many of house plants love growing outdoors in warm temperatures & they grow very very quickly during the warm months!


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  1. I just started to accumulate my plants today! So it’s their first day outside. How long should I leave them outside for each day? Maybe 2 for the first week, second week 4hrs & gradually add more time?

  2. Thank you for this video…. I have recently moved into a balcony apartment (hurraaayyy!!) And was so confused how to go about this task…coz I dont want to hurt my green leave babies

  3. So would you bring the plants outside and then when fall/winter comes, will you bring the same plants back inside? Would the plants survive like that?

  4. yup, i put my plants outside, they get HUGE.
    ps: people that live in warm places! be weary of letting your houseplants grow outside. some house plants, while fine as house plants, are invasive species in some places (florida has a problem with this). they can take over the forests and displace native plant species and arent recognizable as food to your native animals. just use caution and common sense.

  5. How do you deal with spiders outside during summer time? It’s been my worries since summer is not too far from now and I have no glass shelves inside the house to keep humidity for plants on summer.

  6. I'm just happy to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks like this. I will move some of my plants outside during the day and bring them in at night before the temps drop.

  7. Hi Harli, great video! I recently (1 week ago) bought some succulent potted plants to hang on my fence from my local nursery. I live in LA where it’s drier and temperatures are starting to hit 80-90. I bought a string of pearls, Hindu rope/wax Hoya, burros, fishhooks and one ivy/Hoya like plant. It’s only been a week and it appears that some of them are getting sunburned. I’ve kept them outside the whole time. Any tips on creating shade on succulent potted plants that are hanging on a fence in a patio where there is absolutely no shade? Everywhere I look in my small patio there’s no shaded area except underneath a small table. Is there a way to create mini umbrella shades for them? Would you recommend bringing them indoors instead?

  8. Ah man I was hoping you would explain more about the sun exposures outside, I came here from your indoor exposure video. I know outdoors the sun is a lot stronger. My east exposure is your typical small front porch with a swing and two small chairs. I have a shelf there and a few hanging planters but its only able to hold a small fraction of my tropicals. The rest are on my large back patio with north and west exposure. I have them on the edge of the northern exposure and some on a table in the middle. I feel like it's not enough there but anywhere else they would just be randomly sprawled around the house and in the elements. What do you guys think about northern exposure for houseplants outdoors for the summer? Do I need a new set up?

  9. My golden pathos “thrived” for 5 years in a 24 hour call center but when I brought it home it’s been suffering lol

    Also I move my plants around and felt crazy too. No south facing windows in this house and all my East windows (street facing) have curtains drawn when we aren’t home.

  10. I can't wait until I have a place to put my plants outside! Right now I just have an apartment- no balcony or anything. They seem to be enjoying the indoors, and I finally got some utility shelves! Once they get here, I can't wait to set them up and put all of my plants next to the window- it'll be so nice to have them organized (and I'll have room for about a dozen more trips to the Farmer's Market).

  11. We keep out house at around 70ish degrees, if it's normally from 75-80 outdoors where I am right now, would it be alright to let my pothos have some outdoors time? I want him to grow big and strong. <3

  12. Harli, I’ve been binge watching plant videos and you are my favorite plant guru!! Love your hauls with friends and family. You are as excited about plants as I am and I “get” your excitement!! Keep the videos coming. Been getting good ideas from you. Thank you! 💕💃🏻💃🏻

  13. The second my cucumbers go out, pickle worms attack in full force. I only have issues with cucumbers, I refuse to use pesticides, and I have accepted that my living room walls will be covered in vines

  14. I’ve tried to putting my plants outside for so yummy sunshine but I can tell they where not very happy outside and one of my plants even turned yellow brown I brought her back in and she’s doing very well

  15. Definitely more houseplants can do well outside in direct sun and in lower temps than people think tbh My succulents have been outside since night temps were above 40. But also quick note, "direct sun" and "full sun" are different things in horticulture/outside gardening land. Full sun is generally considered 6+ hours of direct sunlight but can be more than that. Shade is considered less than two hours of direct sun, with the sun being hotter in the evening and less damaging in the morning, and a lot of houseplants can be adjusted to that level of light with no problem.

  16. I love your channel! Youve exposed me to so many new plants! Youve also given me so many plant care tips! I wish i could send you pictures of my "problem plants" so i could get more advice.

  17. Lol! Harli, you crazy. Any way, so am I. My neighbours(and their visitors) see and hear me talking to my plants ALL the time, especially when I'm repotting or planting one up for the first time. They bring me plants and cuttings all the time too: aiding my craziness. Welcome back, I missed you. I talk about you to my friends like …you're one of my friends (you know what I mean) until one of them asked me where I met such a kindred spirit. Told her YouTube and we all cracked up laughing. And that's it. There's no judgment or anything. Moving right along. See you in the next one and thanks for lifting my spirits.

  18. I keep most of my plants outside the majority of the year & they love it! They will grow like crazy-the ones inside don’t get as much light. Trial & error in figuring out where to put them!😬

  19. Hi Hareli. Is there a temperature that is too hot for the plants to be outside in? I live in NC and it gets humid and hot up around 100. I do have all my plants on a covered porch with no direct sunlight. Is it ok to keep them there through the whole summer? Thank you in advance for your response. Love ur channel so much.

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