My Fast Growing Indoor Plants | Easy Caring Fast Growing Indoor Plants

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Having beautiful indoor plants requires a lot of effort and time. However, there are some fast-growing indoor plants that can transfer indoor space into an indoor jungle in no time.

In this video, I have shared some of the easy caring & fast-growing indoor plants & they’re growing tips.

I hope you find this video useful 🙂

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Terracotta Pots:
Hanging Pots:
Hanging coir basket:
Macrame hangers for plants:
Seaweed solution:
Ceramic Pots:

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  1. I have a monstera plant..i propagated it from a small stem..the old leaves have rotten and the new stem and enough new leaves are coming out but the leaves are unferled yet..what should i do?

  2. hey di……aap rosemary ko kis kis items me use karteho bananeme…..any special curry….isko kya sab chijme desakte hay jaisa Maggi,chowmin Dhania ke jagah par……
    mere paas Sage hay…..rosemary kharidu ya na kharidu sure nehi hoparahahu

  3. A friend gifted philodendron oxycardium on a moss stick. Now the stems are growing out of that stick. What do I do, how do I manage the growth beyond and outside the moss stick??

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