My Go-To Soil Recipe for ALL of my Indoor Plants!

I would like to share with you my soil-less potting mixture that I use for all of my indoor plants! You only need a few ingredients to give your plants the perfect growing medium.
55% coco coir
25% worm castings
20% perlite or pumice
You can substitute materials if you cannot find the exact ingredients!
I hope this helps you when you need to pot up some of your plants!!!~


  1. Does coco coir dry out quicker than soil? My mix tends to retain too much water and was thinking of a soil/cactus soil/perlite mix.

  2. Today I found that my variegated peace lily got a bulb and root rot. I am pretty sure that I did not overwatered it as the rest of the roots were decent 🙁

  3. I love all of your "squirrel" moments. Hehe Thank you for being you and sharing your knowledge with us

  4. Not sure about the math to that mixture, 55% coco coir, 25% worm castings, 25% perlite, 10% fertiliser pellets and 0% orchid bark, 115%…and then 12% of water to 256% of plant in 80% of a pot. Takes like 65% of effort to get the ratio right lol

  5. I make my own laundry detergent so this is GREAT! I'm moving 7/1 to a new apartment…need LOTS of New Plants! XO

  6. Woohoo! Saw your video before ordering more soil for the inevitable start of seasonal replants and seedling starts. I have all of these and will be mixing some up instead of buying bags online. Thank You 😊

  7. Thank you for good sharing 😊
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    Have a nice day 😊
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  8. Great videos, I've learned a ton! Where do you get your white porclene pots from? They are fantastic 😍

  9. Amanda,
    🌸I LOVE your videos!!! You always provide us with great info on plants and always says thanks for watching your videos and other things. I hope you keep doing what you love!!💗

  10. Hey Amanda I don’t know if you know about these pulleys for plants there for high ceiling plants you hook it to the pole and then you can just pull it down and it locks in place and then you can just pull it a little bit and then it’ll go right back up to wherever you want it go out in your studio that would probably make it a lot easier for you for watering

  11. To me it is a 50% useful video! 😀 I appreciate you gave us the ingredients but your proportions are mathematically impossible 😮 When you calculate in percentages, the total HAS TO BE 100%. I think that if someone is making a special video about percentages, he/she should be able to understand how it works 😀

  12. Amanda, I really enjoy watching your videos!! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us. I have learned so much from you on this channel. And I love that not only do you teach me about plants but you always make me laugh too!😉

  13. Miss watching your Videos in your garage love your beautiful homes beautiful house plants thank you for all your info very helpful 😊

  14. When you take your indoor plants outside, when is the best time to do that and how do you keep the bugs from getting into your plants' soil?

    I have two little trees that we tried to take outside and nearly killed in doing so. And we have a lot of bugs that just like swarmed the soil. That was last year the little trees are not doing quite well again but I'm kind of afraid to try putting them outside again.

    For reference there a Hardy Fig and a Money Tree, a Guinea chestnut tree I believe is what it came up as. I got them for my mom, who loves them, but she mostly leaves their care to me.

  15. I started using worm castings a long time ago because of you.

    My plants thrive under my yellow/brown thumb since I've used it

  16. Another great video! Many thanks! I don’t mix my own potting soil but I always amend it with whatever I think is needed for my particular plant. Usually I start with 50% potting soil then throw the amendments in the mixture pretty much in 25% portions each. I like things simple. Your mix looks great! Loved the potting of the beautiful Hoyas! 👌🪴🥰

  17. i love your energy so much, you remind me a lot of jenna marbles. thank you for reminding me of such an influential person in my life, keep growing !!!

  18. I ordered from Planterina for the first time last week and I am so excited to get them! I wanted quite a few, but went with the Monstera Adansonii and a Alocasia Bambino. I have learned so much from Amanda's videos and really love this channel.

  19. It’s one of my favorite parts of plant caring, mixing potting soils and repotting 😍 your videos are what made me understand and really get into houseplants, and now it’s my absolute favorite hobby ❤️❤️

  20. I use this same mixture in a large container. I believe that watching your videos over the years inspired me to use this mixture. I add a little orchid bark for Hoyas and succulents. Sometimes little more or less of the perlite. I make the amendments as I'm individually repotting plants.

  21. I’ve seen many videos that say you have to wash the coco coir before using because it’s too salty and the salt will affect the plants. What do you think about this? Do you buy a certain brand that has no salt?

  22. In summary as stated, 55% coco coir, 25% worm castings, 25% perlite, 10% slow release fertiliser + unknown amount of orchid bark. 115% total. I love how easily distracted you get by everything.

  23. Love you Amanda! Always love to see/hear your videos!! Thank you for thinking of us!! 🪴❤️

  24. Thanks for sharing your secrets! Can you recommend a micro plastic free slow release fertilizer?

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