My House Plants Soil Mix | How to Make Best Soil Mix/ Potting Mix for Indoor Plants

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Soil mix is one of the important aspects of indoor gardening or container gardening. Plants need a soil mix with the right qualities to keep them healthy, fast-growing and pest disease-free.
In this video, I will be sharing how I prepare soil mix or potting mix for my houseplants.

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Coco peat:
Neem Cake Powder:
Terracotta Pots:
Seaweed solution:
Garden Tools:

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  1. Please make a similar video on succulent soil mixture. Don't want to use the readymade one sold in Amazon as those mixed reviews are scary 🙈

  2. Hi Pratiksha. Can you kindly advise how you take care of your ferns in Bangalore ? Because of the dry air and less humidity, my ferns just refuse to live and start crisping up and die. And this even after misting, placing the pot in plate with pebbles and water etc. Soil is good rich organic as needed by ferns. Is there a way to help them survive the lack of humidity in this city and flourish? Pls help.

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