Painting Hanging Potted Plants | Satisfying Art

Just ready to hang out and paint some potted plants.

I used Holbein gouache, Winsor and Newton Brushes, and 140 lb. hot-pressed paper. Give gouache a shot? It’s similar to watercolor, but it’s more opaque. I always like to sketch out ideas, then use a pencil outline on my paper before I paint.

Follow along with your art supplies or simply enjoy watching. These videos of me painting have been known to help with anxiety and stress because they can be so satisfying. Please, enjoy and ZeN OuT to me painting!

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  1. Loved watching this..came here through pinterest and now it seems like i have to try these colors too apart from posters and acrylics! Thanks for inspiring me♥️
    Love to you!

  2. Love your minimalist approach – awesome color combos!
    My artwork is very detailed and now trying to minimalize my work…u r very inspiring!!!

  3. Can you please show the colors you use at the begin of the videos it will really help me . I love your work btw.🥰🥰

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