Peaceful Plant Tour – Indoor Houseplant Collection 🌱

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🌿 Names and links to plants featured below 👇

All plants featured in this video are timestamped and listed below as follows:
Common name, Genus species: [link]

0:00 – Introduction
0:42 – Snake Plant, Sansevieria zeylanica:
0:58 – Golden Pothos, Epipremnum aureum:
1:07 – Philodendron Birkin, Philodendron birkin:
1:09 – Peperomia Piper, peperomia scandens:
1:15 – Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera deliciosa:
1:29 – Baby Rubber Plant, Peperomia obtusifolia:
1:31 – ZZ Plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia:
1:40 – Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ficus lyrata:
1:48 – Aralia Ming, Polyscias fruticosa:
1:59 – Rattlesnake Plant, Calathea lancifolia:
2:02 – Prayer Plant, Calthea vittata:
2:31 – Pink Silver Hoya, Hoya pubicalyx:
2:37 – Variegated Krimson Queen, Hoya carnosa variegata:
2:42 – Njoy Pothos, Epipremnum aureum:
2:45 – Heart Leaf Philodendron, Philodendron cordatum:
2:51 – Silvery Anne, Scindapsus pictus ‘Exotica’:
3:01 – Money Tree, Pachira aquatica:
3:03 – Moonshine Snake Plant, Sansevieria trifasciata ‘moonshine‘:
4:05 – Satin Vine, Scindapsus pictus ‘argyraeus’:
4:08 – Mini Monstera, Rhaphidophora tetrasperma:
4:19 – Molded Wax, Echeveria agavoides:
4:22 – Peperomia Rosso, Peperomia caperata ‘rosso’:
4:50 – Peperomia ‘Silver Ripple’, Peperomia caperata:
5:12 – Spiderwort, Tradescantia zebrina var. Purple Tinge:
5:19 – Bonnie Spider Plant, Chlorophytum comosum:
5:25 – Neon Philodendron, Philodendron cordatum:
5:30 – String of Hearts, Ceropegia woodii:
5:41 – Marble Queen Pothos, Epipremnum aureum:
5:57 – Philodendron Brasil, Philodendron hederaceum:
6:05 – Philodendron Velvet, Philodendron micans:
6:18 – Philodendron Shangri-La, Philodendron bipinnatifidum:
6:26 – Tropic Snow ‘Dumb Cane’, Dieffenbachia amoena:
6:39 – Wax Plant, Hoya obovata:
6:42 – Ruby Rubber Tree, Ficus elastica:
7:00 – Burgundy Rubber Tree, Ficus elastica:
7:22 – Curly Sue, Epiphyllum guatemalense:
7:25 – Peruvian Grape Ivy, Cissus rotundifolia

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  1. This is just a friendly reminder to be a responsible plant parent (I'm still learning). 🌿 If you decide to bring plants into your home, make it a good one. Understand what kind of care (light, water, humidity) they need to thrive in your home. Also, consider the other living things at home (pets and kids), as some of these plants can be toxic. 🐕 Luckily my dog Chuy doesn't like to chew on things, or even bothers with my plants.

  2. I have a heart leaf philodendron hanging in my bathroom in I think the exact same hanging pot as yours, this just blew my mind. I absolutely love the way you display your plants. 🙂

  3. I feel like I've been transported to the most relaxing place in all of time and space. You really make everything so calm with your videos and those plants they're really in good shape! Will you do plant update tour for your next content? Yay! 😍❤️

  4. enjoyable video. The plants are so healthy and happy. they all so nice in decoration I believe certain plants need to have the right location concerning decorating living room. I believe if you add more plants it will loose the nice image of the living room.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to share your plants with me. I was told that I don't have a green thumb, my indoor plants always died but that doesn't stopped me from buying more. I would love to be able to know how to make indoor plants stayed alive after I bring them home. That's why indoor plants videos get me so happy inside.

  6. Theres something in growing, taking care and seeing my houseplant everyday that makes me feel calm and brings me joy as well. I can definetely relate from you and all the plant lovers out there. Warm greetings from Denmark🇩🇰🍁.

  7. I’ve been slowly building my own collection too while working from home. Any tips on where to get cool affordable pots? It can end up costing a small fortune as your collection grows. Thanks for another great video!

  8. 😥 I couldn’t finish watching the full video; I was so jealous of your well-lighted home. I only have a couple of spots in my home that get early morning or late evening light for a very short while. 😞

  9. My dad once said the person who loves plants he/she is very kind & can love anyone..i have so many plants similar to u like pothos,snake,zz,lucky bamboo,peparomia &many more..i have to buy monstera bt thts too expensive in our country 🙂

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