Easy DIY Formula for the Best Potting Mix preparation for Home Gardening that helps Plants grow and produce more flowers and also the best seed starter mix. The Video is on the best All-purpose Potting mix for all your plants based on scientific concepts.
We will also make an Ideal Terrace Gardening light weight potting mixture and the best seed starting mix.
Let me start with the 3 P’s of Successful Gardening.
1. Planning your Garden
2. Potting Mix Preparation and
3. Planting
So, Today we will discuss on the second P of gardening, that’s Preparing the best potting Mix for your plants based on some useful scientific concepts. Please watch the video till the end. First we will discuss the Criteria for the best potting soil for your plants and then the formula or the recipe for the best all-purpose universal potting mixture for your gardening.
Well, You need to Understand this Point: Why cant I just dig up the ground and use this soil for my plants? This is because we have two major limitations of this:
1. Compaction or hardening of soil – mainly with clayey soil which can suffocate the roots.
2. Lack of Nutrients in the soil- that’s the Major NPK elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) and also the minor trace elements.
Hence, the need to prepare your own potting soil arises.
Hold on friends, some more important concepts to learn before I disclose my recipe. A few criteria you should be taking care while preparing your potting mix.

1. DRAINAGE: We all know, too much water can rot your plants. So a well draining soil that quickly drains out water within a particular duration of time is important for all plants. This is the most important criteria for growing succulents and based on this you adjust the proportions of stuff like sand, perlite and other stuff.
2. WATER RETAINING CAPACITY: This is quite opposite of the first factor. So we have to add materials in such a way that the water should neither drain out too quickly nor it should stagnate in the container.
3. NUTRIENTS: This is a very important criteria in container gardening. We have to add certain nutrients into the potting mix so that your plant can produce flowering or fruiting at right time and grows in a healthy manner.
Having said that, Now Lets Start making our Potting Mix with the best and easily available ingredients.
I am showing you two formulae: Please watch the video for these details.

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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)

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  2. 40% garden soil
    30% cocopeat / peat moss (or 10-20% sand)
    20-30% compost eg. cowdung / vermicompost
    5% addon ex. bone meal, neem, cake powder
    Optional – trichoderma / pseudomonas powder / mycorrhizae fungi powder

  3. I am growing my plants in pot, but they are stucking like statues they dont flower they dont grow, i think soil is not good, so i want to change the soil, i found some garden soil mix in online which is called trust brand soil mix etc..should i buy that and mix along with vermicompost and cocopeat, or else should is it really enough of just using vermicompost and cocopeat by mixing with the soil remaning in my pots can u please tell me

  4. If using 20% river sand, do I distribute the remaining 10% evenly to the other ingredients respective to their percentages? Or keep it simple and just put more soil in it?

  5. Another mine of information. Thank you!
    For the purpose of peat conservation, can we substitute coconut coir for cocopeat or peat moss?
    Would possibly need another source of nutrients as well?

  6. Please clarify -if i use, garden soil+ cocopeat+ vermicompost+ neem khali+ bone meal for all indoor and outdoor plants …please correct if i am wrong…..reply ji

  7. Dear Sir, thank you so much for the information about universal potting soil mix ingredients. I live in south kolkata where the soil is glue type, therefore i mix sand for well drainage and have enough room to spread roots. If i mix garden soil 20% along with sand 20%, cocopeat 20% , vermicompost 30%, 1 tsp bonemeal and handful neem cake powder, is it ok? Waiting for your reply. Your blind fan Parichay.

  8. One more sub only for your noble work.. a lot of us loose hope on home gardening due to lack in apt knowledge. U are promoting the thought and reigniting hope at least for me. Keep up this noble work. May lord bless u…

  9. Good video but in reality there is no such thing as the “perfect soil for
    all plants” cause different plants grow and are adapted to different growing media. For example that recipe will kill Carnivorous Plants cause carnivorous plants are adapted to acidic low nutrient growing media.

  10. Hello sir as per this video .. no need of using soil at all in terrace gradening .. to any plants? Plz let me know sir I have so much plans of making big terrace graden coz I don't have place to grow in ground.. if we can use soil pl tell me fr what kind of plants I can add soil

  11. Sorry Dr Saab instead water I wrote matter it's ok no problem
    My potted plants in ground are good but some plants shredded their leaves it's only a minor thing these pots I used Universal potting mix it's wet but no stagnation of water no loss in my garden iam Very Very happy I made Universal potting mix ,+, soil less mix +mix for Adeniums and sacculants cactus each. 50 to 100 kg no worry for me (Dr Saab irukkirar bhayamenna,) Regarding the sprays and fertilizers mine is only 3,point policy 1–once in a week
    2–once in ,15 days
    3—once In a month
    Dr Saab this formula is doing wonders to me This too I learnt it from u
    God bless you sir and ur family good night sir

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