Pick the Perfect Pot for Your Plant! | A Beginner's Guide

How do you find the best pot for your houseplants? Should you use terra cotta pots or glazed ceramic pots? Concrete pots or metal pots?

The first thing you should do is see if your indoor plant needs more or less water..then its easy to decide! And don’t forget, you should always leave your new indoor plants in their nursery pots for a while before even considering up-sizing to a new pot.

In this video, I divide houseplants into three groups, and show examples of each group—succulent plants, mid-range houseplants, and tender plants–to make the process of finding the perfect pot for your houseplants simple.

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  1. Have anyone tried planting wandering jews (tradescantias) in terracota pots ?
    I wonder if that`s the reason they`re not doing great ;/

  2. I really enjoy your videos. A lot of other plant YouTube'rs give me anxiety because they have this unatainable mysterious energy where everything is so complex and also not explained well.
    Your videos are educational and not romanticized. I feel like I'm sitting in a class or getting a cool apprentiship or something. You are chill and realistic.
    Love it. Keep it up

  3. Me: watching this after I bought a terracota pot for my spathiphyllum. 🙁 I wanted a terracota pot for her because my department is pretty cold and with low light, so she got root rot a few months ago and she isn't recovering very well.

  4. This was soooo helpful!! You included several plants I had questions about as far as my pot decision ❤️👌🏻

  5. Jeez I’m a mess
    I got a Hoya carnosa compacta but the nursery pot was bulging and crinkled. I moved it into a different nursery pot/same size. I tried to help the soil drain better by poking holes and messed with the roots and lost a couple baby leaves. I knew better 😩
    Then I watered my new red maranta who looked super dry and crispy and BAM yellow leaves. In a panic, I moved her to terra cotta. I think the soil just doesn’t drain enough, so maybe it will be ok…
    Even with knowing this stuff ahead of time, it’s so hard to strike a balance! 😭 not a happy plant day

  6. Holy crap, my poor plants are truly tough sports😜. I'm going to start being way more considerate to them. I have a few(from broken pieces & from plants that just " I don't know what happened") that are struggling.

  7. LOVE your channel. Wish I’d seen this particular video years ago. Would have saved me both grief and money.

  8. I try to get the plant and the pot at the same time so the lady from the nursery repot them for me and they have their traumatic events all at the same time so they just come home get placed and I never disturb them if it's not for watering or propagation

  9. None of my ‘decor’ pots have drainage holes.
    All my plants go stay or get propagated into a bigger nursery pot when required. When I water them, they stay in the bath to drain out for an hour or two. Been doing trike this for a year and have no issues. My Calathea’s & Satin Potho are also pushing out new growth 🥰

  10. I just bought an enormous calathea for £30 Total bargain..I couldn't leave it. Brought it home and immediately re potted into terracotta 🤦‍♀️ If only I'd seen this first.

  11. So I’ve repotted every single plant that I’ve gotten right away except for my monstera. Only because my monstera was from a nursery and my other plants were from Walmart.

    So my monstera is still sitting in its nursery pot. I got it yesterday. But normally I would’ve repotted it by now, I have a pot bought for it. But the pot might be too big right now. 🙁

  12. I found it helpful. I have a weeping fig in a terracotta planter and I find it has been doing better since I have been giving it more water…but I probably repotted it too soon and perhaps in not the right pot to begin with…it's healthy it just grows really slowly…

  13. Would you share info on different heights of pots as well? I have two tall terra cotta pots with ferns in them (whoops!) which I'm planning to re-pot into plastic but want to reuse the talls bc they are so cool. Thanks.

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