Plant Painting/ Hanging house plants Watercolor Tutorial/ Fern Painting/Potted Plants/ Step by Step

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arches 100% cotton cold press paper
tube watercolors: rose,medium red, hookers green,burnt umber, medium yellow, indigo blue
Brush: Princeton no. 5 round “velvet touch” series

Below are supplies I use (disclaimer: these are affiliate links that I get a small fee from)
Holbein watercolors:
Peacock blue:
Prussian blue:
Quinacridone Magenta:
Cadmium Yellow Deep:
Brillant Orange:
Vandyke Brown:
Olive Green:
Alizarin Crimson:
Cadmium Green Deep:
Paynes Gray:
sap green:
Bright rose:
Viridian Hue:
Bright Violet:
Ultramarine Deep:
Turquoise Blue:
Raw Umber:

Metallic Watercolor paints:

My Palette: by Medeen:

Watercolor Papers:
Arches Watercolor block:
Bee Watercolor 100% cotton paper:
Arches Hot Press Paper Pad:
Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook:

Watercolor Brushes:
Princeton Velvet touch brushes:
Princeton Neptune Brushes:

Other Supplies I use in my videos:
rubber cement pickup for masking fluid :
masking fluid:
Liquidtex acrylic ink:
Liquidtex acrylic ink metallics:
Holbein gouache set:
Liquidtex Acrylic paints:

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial. You are a good watercolor teacher! Learning to paint is my stress reliever. I will be joining your Patreon. Hopefully my friends & family will be getting watercolor Christmas cards this year!

  2. I’ve been subscribed to your channel for a bit now and thoroughly enjoy it!! Thank you for sharing all that you do!! This one popped up today and I LOVE it!!! Going to give it a try tomorrow!! 👍😁💜

  3. Very nice! I like the pots and plants 👌 you did a great job 😊😎 FL. Thank you for sharing. I wanted to ask you if you use those concentrated watercolors with your regular watercolors when you paint? Have a great day.

  4. String of pearls. I also have string of hearts, string of dolphins (they actually look like dolphins jumping) and string of tears.

    I have brain freeze all the time. Its all good. 👍

  5. Every day with you is sunshine from start to finish,،💞🙏💜💞💜💞💜💞💜💞💕….l am Iranian. You are wonderful , thank you for sharing…🙏💜💞💕💜💞🍃

  6. Ellen, what paint brand makes the “medium” colours…, yellow etc? My paints….mostly Winsor and Newton but some others as well all have fancy names for the colours. I mostly buy my paint through Amazon ( I’m in Canada) as I have mobility issues so real brick and mortar stores are challenging. We do have Michaels but I haven’t ventured there for paint supplies. Loving this tutorial! Thank you!

  7. Your paint is always so creamy while mine beads up in the trays. Is it the paint? Tray surface? Amount of water? (I use mixed tubes of Holbein, W&N pro, Daniel Smith, and M. Graham)

  8. I lost my son and your tutorials are helping me through the grieving process so don’t ever think your talent is not touching someone’s life. Thank you I have learned so much and appreciate it

  9. Hi Ellen, i just wanted to tell you what your painting videos mean to me. You have inspired me to paint more by taking some of the fear of painting away from me. These hanging pots you have painted with sweet little plants growing from them remind me of my mother's house; she always had at least three hanging pots filled with Spider Plants growing out of them (I dont know the proper name for them) They grow baby plants on long dangling stalks that hang down from the parent plant. I loved those plants. Your painting these plants has inspired me to paint my mothers plants. Thank you for your awesome videos. I have found painting easier since I started copying you. You have helped me so much in my art, so thank you so much. I love your calm and relaxed method of teaching, it's very soothing. I save your videos and watch them multiple times because I enjoy them so much. All the best from a fan in South Wales. UK.

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