Planting Indoor Plants' Cuttings in Soil, all you need to know

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Here i share how you can growing indoor plant cuttings in water with their updates and can be then shifted to soil.


  1. Hi.. ek question hai… Mere pass bahots se plants hai .. like roses, daisy, mogra, mirchi , corn n so on… I will be out for 5 days .. so agar mene unke plate me pani rakha den , will my plants survive??

  2. Sis mai jab bhi water may cuttings grow karte hu.. Jab unki roots aa jatte hai. To mai ussi water may day by day thore soil cocopeat or compost add karte rehte hu…. Jis say plants slowly slowly adjust kur layta hai🙏

  3. Hi Ekta, please help – how to revive my potted curry leaves and chilli plants – in 40degrees, leaves are absolutely dried and falling off – Iv shifted them to the shaded side of my roof and watering morning/evening – what else can I do??

  4. Gurnoor Makkar,,,,as i mentioned my in my previous comment about propagation of plant. i wanted to confirm the plant i am talking about in this video when the video gets starts and where you are standing it's just back big green leaf plant is there. the same i have done the mistake may be . please please help me.

  5. You are BRILLIANT!!! I have watched so many different videos … national, local, international … FEW gardeners are as humble, down to earth and yet wonderful as teachers as you are! You have a GIFT FOR COMMUNICATION! Am an English teacher and this is what I first noticed, other than your very pleasant persona that comes through!
    I started gardening since 8months ago. I lost around 5 plants. 10 have survived.
    Your videos are helpful, interesting and lovely to watch! Best wishes!💚

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