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This video is all about Plants for Beginners and Indoor Plants.
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You will learn in this video how a beginner can start growing plants with some simple guidance.

I hope that you will enjoy watching how a beginner can start growing indoor plants.

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The discussed plants in this video are:
1. Syngonium Plant
2. Fiddle Leaf Fig
3. ZZ Plant
4. Spider Plant
5. Peace Lily
6. Snake Plant
7. Lucky Bamboo
8. Peperomia Plant
9. Pothos/Money Plant
10. Areca Palm

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  2. Apka peace lily kafi healthy nd shinny hai but in my case I always struggled mujhe smjh ny aata usse kis corner me rkhu nd usse humidity kaise provide ki jaaye Pls guide

  3. wow amazing I wish I can do that in my house please speak English so that I can understand

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