Plants vs Zombies: Battle For Neighborville – ALL POTTED PLANTS (Showcase)

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Today we give a well deserved showcase to our little helpers THE POTTED PLANTS! 😀

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville (PvZBFN) is the latest edition to the PvZ franchise. Currently the game edition that is available is the Founders Edition, where the game is significantly less than it will on launch and features are being added slowly on a weekly basis! The full game will be released on the 18th of October 2019.

From the very first mobile game, to garden warfare to battle for neighborville I have loved the Plants vs Zombies franchise. I think mostly it’s the wacky and strange universe that allows the most crazy ideas to just fit. Who’d have thought that having garden plants battling against a zombie horde could be such an amazing experience. I also love how inventive Popcap have been throughout their games, always trying something new! I think the PvZ franchise has a big focus on the player base and allowing them to just have fun and feel like a kid again.

I am very excited to be bringing this game to the channel! Prepare for laughs, silly voices and whole load of garden/graveyard action!!! 😀 Enjoy!

Currently the only available edition of PVZBFN is the Founders Edition – costing half of the full game but features are gradually being added on a weekly basis

Purchase Plants vs Zombies: Batlle for Neighborville Founders Edition here (available until the 30th Sept):

Except that a crazy new coniferous conflict between brain-less and botanicals is brewing. Join as a Founding Neighbor in this early edition and be a part of the community that battles for Neighborville ahead of worldwide launch!

With the Founder’s Edition, you’ll play through 6 weeks of weekly content releases as we progress towards worldwide launch on October 18. Earn exclusive rewards for the first 4 weeks when you log in*, become part of the Founder’s community and help make Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville better for all just by playing. It’s a no-brainer! You also get to be one of the first on your block to experience the game – even Zomboss will be jealous when you tell him.

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Come and watch, have some fun and relax!

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  1. The Goop Shroom, Fume Shroom, and Toxic Gloom Shroom are my favorite pots in the series.
    As far as Bots I like Mr. Trash Can, Mr. Toxic, and ….I cant remember this moment

  2. I wish they didnt take out so many of them. The pots and bots are funnily enough some of my favorite parts of the games.

  3. Btw way you didn't show how lightning reed's attack chain reacts between multiple zombies and how Scaredy shroom snipes zombies

  4. Quick question when you load into the game like the match making it shows a quick thing like of the original Pvz game like defending your house is that just a Easter egg or a actual game mode.

  5. It seems to me like I'm the only one that's upset for the fact that there's less and less potted plant options in every game

  6. In bfn and gw2 bonk choy isnt as powerful but in gw1 each uppercut used to do 75 damage each but now he only does 20 damage each uppercut

  7. Hm

    Well it is kinda comforting seeing that unlimited pot plants is a throng

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I’m a lil disappointed that the potted plants from gw1 and 2 didn’t make it

  8. Hey Redhead do you think the pea cannon got a buff in the game the old ones used to shoot one pea at a time but in this one it shoots two peas at a time

  9. Yo redhead,do you think we should get every potted plant and zombot to the game(Lazer beam,lil snap dragon…)

  10. I know u have already finished it. But I found out the sundrop hills zen sensei campaign level is perfect for testing the pots out.

  11. I’m going to list out some facts I have studied during founders edition so they may change after updates
    Lightning Reed has 50 health
    Doom shroom does not do enough damage to vanquish foot soldier (in blight cap’s boss battle)
    Scaredy Shroom’s defence feature is only active while hiding
    Hope this helps!

  12. Where is more pots, there were some cool ones, like the mushroom, is also create new pots various plants,i like the bloomerang, the Split pea among others

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