Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – All Weeds and Potted Plants

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Welcome to another Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 video! Today we are taking a look at all the weeds we can spawn and Potted Plants. We have 2 new potted plants to check out as well

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  1. I'm hesitating wether or not I should buy GW2, I mean the new functionnalities look cool, but honestly, I kinda don't want to buy a dlc for the price of GW1, because yes, it feels like a dlc for me.

  2. first off, that plant is the lightning reed as if you look on the picture, you can see its lightning bolt shape which the lightning reed has, and they both have eyebrows, the magnifying grass doesn't have eyebrows

    and second, that blurred out plant, I think I know who it could be, in pvz 1, there's an upgrade for fume shroom and I think the upgraded fume shroom is the blurred out plant, if you look at the shape, it does look a bit like it, can someone comment its name, its the plant that could shoot in 8 directions

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