Playable Potted Plants – The Twin Flowers | Garden Warfare 2

Intro: 00:01
Placement Potted Twin Flowers (Booth): 00:10
Placement Potted Twin Flowers (In action): 00:26
The Twin Flowers: 02:56
Twin Heal Flower: 03:44
Twin Dark Flower: 06:16
Team Selection: 07:57
Twin Rainbow Flower: 08:05
The Twin Flowers (No Sundrops): 09:42
Twin Sunflower (No Sundrops): 10:04
Twin Rainbow Flower (No Sundrops): 11:46
Twin Dark Flower: 12:49
Rainbow Flower’s Colored Beams: 13:57
Beam color: Pink: 14:05
Beam color: Blue: 14:22
Beam color: Green: 14:36
Beam color: Purple: 15:02
Ending (Gestures): 15:29

You can download this Mod from the link below:
Playable Potted Plants v1.5:

Available Playable Potted Plants (v1.0):
– Pea Repeater
– Pea Cannon
– Fire Peashooter
– Ice Peashooter
– Gatling Pea
– Heal Flower
– Rainbow Flower
– Dark Flower

Added in (v1.5)
– Placement Potted Twin Flowers (Sunflower class)
– Twin Heal Flower
– Twin Dark Flower
– Twin Rainbow Flower

1. To play Placement Twin Flowers, go to Sunflower class and choose from Abilities (00:10)
2. To play any Twin Flowers without Sundrops. Select from Twin Dark Flower (09:42)
3. Twin Rainbow Flower has 4 different color beams to choose from (13:57)

4. To cancel an Ability on the Ability Slot:- Press B Button or E (Keyboard).
5. To cancel a Weapon on the Ability Slot:- Press the Ability Button/Key again. It will be deactivated and return to Primary Weapon.
Eg. To cancel a secondary weapon on Ability 3, Press RB or 3 (Keyboard) again.

– For PC only.
– Multiplayer locked. For Private play only.
– Frosty Mod Manager is required.

Here’s a Video Guide to help you if you are new to Frosty Mod Manager:

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Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
Credits: BreakfastBrainz2 & Petrifying.