Pond Plants | How To Plant and Re Pot

Pond Plants | How To Plant and Re Pot

Here’s a quick guide to planting and potting pond plants.It’s important to re pot pond plants to prevent root binding and give room for growth.
For this job you will need:

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pond Gravel (Affiliate):

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  1. Perfect. Straight to the point and informative. These Americans just babble on and on and I lose interest 😂 thank you !

  2. I like the tip about using gravel only for the reeds and iris so that the plant takes the nutrients out of the water instead helping to control the green algae.

  3. Bruh…you forgot your hessian in the soil baskets. That's going to make a mess in the water every time you need to move them.

  4. hi nice video, ive used aquatic soil for my irises they seem to be doing ok. does it matter as it has stones on the top of the pot. my water is clear as its a wildlife pond. thanx for any advice

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