Pot your Indoor Plants Together | Make your Small Plants Bigger!

Today I wanted to make use of the many smaller plants I have recently accumulated at the Planterina farmhouse by potting them in groups in various planters. I’m hoping these assortments of potted plants will make the small plants look like bigger plants.

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  1. I love to put aglaonemas together 🙂 I use graffiti spray for colouring pots, it works really well Bc it’s made for outdoors and stays on walls forever 🙂

  2. The arch behind your head looks like a halo! Also, just placed my first Planterina order! I’m excited to receive my new plant babies 🥺

  3. I have a question:

    Recently, I did a combo pot with 3 different types of succulents that do well together. However, one of the succulents seems to need water now, while the others appear to be doing just fine! What do I do when it seems like one of the plants in the combo pot needs something that the others don't??

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Amanda! It was fun seeing Lauren in the video. She should be in more of them. I wish you would have shown the other pots she put together, too. It seems like you're not caring about the complaints from others with the audio, and my complaint about the e-mail for Planterina not working properly. WHY????? TFS!

  5. can you do a second video on flowering indoor plants I saw the other video but im still very interested in seeing more and I love your videos they are so calming to me and I also just recently started my own plant collection like 4 or 5 months back and I only have two but yeah your videos inspired me to get more into plants.

  6. If you paint terra cotta pots then remember to spray the inside with a sealant; Otherwise, water will seep through the walls of the pots and cause unattractive bubbles to appear on the outer paint layer

  7. I love the combo idea. I was planning on potting some of my Syngoniums together. Different kinds of Chinese Evergreens together and different kinds of Calatheas together would look nice too, as long as their lighting needs were compatible. I had a pot once with a huge Yucca in it that I underplanted with spider plants. It looked fabulous and the Yucca kept me from overwatering the spider plants!

  8. Thanks Amanda. I do mine slightly differently. I leave the plants in their own pots and arrange them in a bigger container. That way I give the impression they’re planted together, but still have the liberty to mange them separately, or move them around, depending on how they’re faring

  9. If I always water house plants with rain water, do I still need to fertilize? Or should I just fertilize less often?

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