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Hello! I decided to redo the whole video because I felt that the previous one was a bit disappointing. My hand covered almost the whole video and didn’t make sense at all. Thanks to those who pointed it out. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll do my best in fixing my angles in my future videos.

As requested, here are some potted plant doodles! Hope you like them.

Thanks for watching!

Materials used:

Pen: Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen – Medium
Paper: Muji A5 Dotted Notebook –

Disclaimer: These are my doodles. They may not be perfect but I like them just the way they are. Also, I have very dry hands which makes my skin crack so I have to wear a lot of bandaids sometimes. 🙂


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Canon N100
Adobe Premiere Elements

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  1. Once I finish doodling all of hers I look at hers and try and make 2 or 3 of my own and I can sort of get creative in an inspiring way.I LOVE YOUR VIDS anybody who does like this channel will also like Garbi KW (anybody who likes sarah as much as I do Like to this comment and the video!!!)

  2. Iove you and I love your doing to! Thank you for sharing this video 🙂 I love it so much anyway thank you again 💞💞❤️💗🖤📱

  3. Finally understand my art style its doodling whatever ı do and follow you becomes super cool in my sketchbook and ı can feel that ı did great thanks to you…

  4. I’ve saved so many of your videos, and watch them over and over again. Sometimes I feel awkward doodling, because I’m not very creative creating them. So I end up copying yours to build my confidence. Thank you so much for your inspiration❣️🥰

  5. I was drawing these amazing doodles with u and your paper was a little smaller than mine so i decided to draw some of my own creations by using some of ur ideas and i love the result of how it turned out thanks Sarah for teaching me how to draw these amazing doodles you are so good at drawing!i really like your channel and your drawings😋

  6. Things I used when doodle:

    Pen ( Pilot High Tech V 5 [it's cheap])
    Colored pens
    And lastly my eyes, brain and hands

    Like if you followed my supplies

  7. These are so adorable, I have already started taking notes in my World History class, so now I can add these little cuties too!
    Thanks for the idea and I hope everyone who reads this has a good day!

  8. I just love your videos! You can make anyone draw. I was so proud of my doodles when this video was over and I looked over my pad of paper. 🥰

  9. Why am I singing MAGBALIK by Calalily(not sure with the spelling) while watching this? 😅 I feel in love with the first video I watched so I got addicted to it. Love your works Sarah. Thank you for sharing to us

  10. Very good I liked it a lot… First I used to draw only oil pastel then watching u I started doodling also.. it changed my life thanks 😊

  11. Hey Sarah!!! You are so creative. Hats off to you. Thanks a lot for making these doodle videos, they are pretty calm and relaxing as well as it's fun to draw them… Lots of love from INDIA =)

  12. When i was young, i thought that i have no future in arts like drawing, but thanks to doodles!! It saved me 🙂

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