Potted Plants for Sale! (local)

Potted Plant List for Local Sales
(accurate as of 5/22/19)
Potted plants range in price from $6 each for smaller herbaceous to $25 for largest trees
Average price is $15 for shrubs and trees
Discounts available for bulk purchase!
All plants at our Ellis Hollow Home just east of Ithaca
607-342-4953 (text or call)
to arrange a time

Larger Shrub/Trees:
Hazelnut – nice wild type
Hazelnut – ‘Precious’
Chestnut – complex hybrid
Chestnut – pure Chinese
Apple – diverse seedlings
Apple – various grafted
Peach – seedlings
Apricot – ‘Yummy Plummy’
Thornless Honey Locust
Willows – 5+ Varieties of Beautiful and Hardy wild types
Mulberry – ‘Tartarica’ seedling
American Persimmon
Carpathian Walnut
‘Schuttes’ White Oak

– Black Currant (multiple varieties)
– Pink Currant
– Red Currant
– Jostaberry
Honey Berry
– Tundra
– Orange Glow
– Male
– Wild, late bearing seedlings
Black Cap Raspberry – ‘Jewel’
– Samdal (European)
– York, Wyldewood, improved seedling (American)

Herbaceous Perennials:
Turkish Rocket
Perennial Onions


  1. Oh, you know I want in on this, boooooyyyyyeee! I actually am rapidly running out of room for trees in my little meadow though. Everything is looking pretty happy and I'm almost at 100 different species like a plush ass skinny little pretty boy plant pimp. Except for this new tick bite. I healed one just in time to promptly get a new one. I guess you're familiar. I planted some ledum in the meadow after you recommended it. You guys gotta teach me how to use it. I feel pretty dumb for leaving it up there and coming home with a tick buried in my thigh. Whatever, nothing can stop me.

    Are all of those plants expected to sell? I'm wondering how much competition I have. Maybe I can just come up when things have dwindled and take the dregs off your hands; the home for the rejects, housing the downtrodden, lost and forgotten.

    Here's what I'm interested in:
    pink currant
    perennial onion

    Mmm, you know I love plant lists.

    Buzz blew it on the seaberry and honeyberry; said they weren't nice enough and refunded me, without so much as a simple 'sorry'. Would rather get 'em from you anyway!

  2. Great to see this working for you! I had a question.. What have you found to be the most effective way to gather local support and viewership on your channel? I would love to do the same but unfortunately 99.9% of my viewers are non local :/

  3. Oh no I didn't realize you only ship in spring n fall 😦 I can't believe I missed it! I used to belong to a plant trading site years ago. We shipped live plants to each other in free mailing boxes via 3 day mail, soilessly with damp newspaper as medium wrapped in a grocery bag. Probably not reasonable/feasible/reliable/affordable today 😢

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