Potted Plants for Sale! (local)

Potted Plant List for Local Sales
(accurate as of 5/22/19)
Potted plants range in price from $6 each for smaller herbaceous to $25 for largest trees
Average price is $15 for shrubs and trees
Discounts available for bulk purchase!
All plants at our Ellis Hollow Home just east of Ithaca
607-342-4953 (text or call)
to arrange a time

Larger Shrub/Trees:
Hazelnut – nice wild type
Hazelnut – ‘Precious’
Chestnut – complex hybrid
Chestnut – pure Chinese
Apple – diverse seedlings
Apple – various grafted
Peach – seedlings
Apricot – ‘Yummy Plummy’
Thornless Honey Locust
Willows – 5+ Varieties of Beautiful and Hardy wild types
Mulberry – ‘Tartarica’ seedling
American Persimmon
Carpathian Walnut
‘Schuttes’ White Oak

– Black Currant (multiple varieties)
– Pink Currant
– Red Currant
– Jostaberry
Honey Berry
– Tundra
– Orange Glow
– Male
– Wild, late bearing seedlings
Black Cap Raspberry – ‘Jewel’
– Samdal (European)
– York, Wyldewood, improved seedling (American)

Herbaceous Perennials:
Turkish Rocket
Perennial Onions


  1. Oh, you know I want in on this, boooooyyyyyeee! I actually am rapidly running out of room for trees in my little meadow though. Everything is looking pretty happy and I'm almost at 100 different species like a plush ass skinny little pretty boy plant pimp. Except for this new tick bite. I healed one just in time to promptly get a new one. I guess you're familiar. I planted some ledum in the meadow after you recommended it. You guys gotta teach me how to use it. I feel pretty dumb for leaving it up there and coming home with a tick buried in my thigh. Whatever, nothing can stop me.

    Are all of those plants expected to sell? I'm wondering how much competition I have. Maybe I can just come up when things have dwindled and take the dregs off your hands; the home for the rejects, housing the downtrodden, lost and forgotten.

    Here's what I'm interested in:
    pink currant
    perennial onion

    Mmm, you know I love plant lists.

    Buzz blew it on the seaberry and honeyberry; said they weren't nice enough and refunded me, without so much as a simple 'sorry'. Would rather get 'em from you anyway!

  2. Some of the great things I love about perennials is they allow you to get continual fruit year after year without having to replants.

  3. I wish! 500 miles is just a bit too far to drive for these beautiful plants. How did you go about getting them all in the first place? Love the channel.

  4. Great to see this working for you! I had a question.. What have you found to be the most effective way to gather local support and viewership on your channel? I would love to do the same but unfortunately 99.9% of my viewers are non local :/

  5. Oh no I didn't realize you only ship in spring n fall 😦 I can't believe I missed it! I used to belong to a plant trading site years ago. We shipped live plants to each other in free mailing boxes via 3 day mail, soilessly with damp newspaper as medium wrapped in a grocery bag. Probably not reasonable/feasible/reliable/affordable today 😢

  6. I am a couple of hours away from you unfortunately. You live near Rosenmeister! What rootstock are you using for the apples?

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