Propagating all my indoor plants from cuttings in water during the lockdown | Try with me

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Seaweed solution as a fertiliser:
Perlite to improve soil quality:
Neem solution for any kind of insects:
Bokashi for odour free and quick compost making:


|NEW| Jute Baskets for indoor plants:

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Second update for this video:
First update on this video :

Baskets for indoor plant pot:
Good quality Pruner:
Moodda :
Sticky hooks:
Indoor Plant soil:
Small size pot:
Medium size pot:
Decorative Metal pots:
Hanging metal pots:
Easy to grow indoor plant (Money plant) :
Easy to grow indoor plant (Snake plant) :
Self-watering pot with a plant:



  1. I’m a doctor, now working in a covid hospital, far away from home. I can’t go home for many days. Watching your videos and planning to do some more gardening when I return home if I survive. I miss my garden. Thanks for your beautiful smile.

  2. Amazing share, enjoyed watching. Great info on taking care of plants indoors. Very helpful tips, will sure come in handy to most. Thank you for covering this and sharing. Have a wonderful day!!👍👍

  3. First time watching. Your positive attitude makes me smile. Great to see updates and find them quickly with your description. I might have added where in the video is the update. I quickly guessed, but could be annoying to watch a whole thing of something that doesn't interest me at the moment because I don't know where would be the update.

  4. Hi,
    First off, great clips you add educating especially beginners like me.
    About the fig leaf plant, what happens if we just keep it dipped in plain water with no honey or any other. Would that rot?

  5. You're so lovely and knowledgeable. This is the first video I've watched on gardening and propagation – I feel blessed to have come upon you. I'm just about to begin my gardening (and propagation) journey because I just purchased a house with a huge solarium. I'm in Quebec, Canada, so our outdoor growing season is only a few months long. Thank you for making me feel I can do this! (I'm also going to try and grow many plants from seeds – Then they'll be ready when the snow is finally gone in April! lol) I have Subscribed to you Chanel. I'm very excited to learn from you! 🙏🪴

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