Rejuvenate Pot Bound Plants

In this video I show you how I breathe new life into pot bound trees by pruning their roots.

Root pruning is a great way to rejuvenate pot bound plants. As we enter into winter now is a great time for root pruning trees in pots.

We look at:
– how to prepare your tree for root pruning
– how to use a bow saw or carpentry saw to prune the roots of you tree
– how to prepare the soil before returning the tree to the pot

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  1. Thank you so much, really clear and informative. I've got a bottlebrush who I've been potting up every other year but it's now the biggest available pot size. I've given it a good pruning this year right after flowering – am I still okay to do the root pruning this autum/winter, or should I wait another year??

  2. Hi love the technique I'm growing my fruit trees in old washing machine drums with the bottoms cut off so they are open to the ground allowing the roots to extend from the rootball down into the earth to obtain additional nutrients & water & also anchorage into the ground. The numerous holes in the washing machine drum are supposed to promote air root pruning promoting fiberous roots as they hit the air coming through the holes this I understand helps to deter root circling/ boundness.
    So far the trees are looking good a couple years old I prune the branches periodically & they also produce fruit.
    Would you still suggest root pruning within the container?
    I've seen a lady on another youtube channel root pruning abit different to the traditional method like yours maybe I could use that method but I'm not sure.
    Here is how she root pruned her plants she took a 2" metal pipe
    It's end was cut diagonally at an angle to allow easier pruning of the roots and removal of the soil within the container. As the pipe is removed holes are left in the container which is then packed with fresh soil for the plants new roots to enjoy. I don't know if I should try this but she swears it works & her plants really looks happy & healthy.
    I'd really appreciate your feedback on this method of root pruning & if you would recommend doing it for my trees mind you her plants are in containers which are NOT bottomless like mine.

  3. Hi
    Saw this video today and tried this with my boxwood plant. I hope it survives…
    Can you do another video on the health of the roots.I recently repotted my palm and was shocked to the white fingus all over the roots.Should I be doing something more than changing the soil?

  4. Very informative. I have a loquat tree that is root bound and in desperate need of this. Now I know how to do it! Curious. Why didn't you plant into a bigger planter?

  5. Great video! I have an acer palmatum, dwarf lilac tree and a panicle hydrangea that have been growing in pots the same size as your Hawthorne since I planted them 4 years ago. They have developed fantastically, but I think it’s time for some root pruning. Just wondering how regularly you are doing this, and does the tree cope fine the following season or do you need to cut back some foliage as well?

  6. I love this. Its so helpful and never really knew you could be so brutal. I have 3 trees in pots and they all need this treatment so thanks for another brilliant video!

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