1. muy bueno el discos con todos los temas de Brian Jones por algo le dicen gracias por tu musica Jorge Marilyn Gayarre el que no se dió cuenta que se joda Argentina pregúntenle a Marian fiatful el único amigó que tenia y .musa de todos los temas de su hijo los stones Argentina saludos gracias

  2. Love Flowers. Bought it at White Front in L.A. . Sittin on a Fence is one of the Stones' most sublime songs.

  3. Just like Sid Barrett Of Pink Floyd. Brian was a casualty of the times? Still Mick+Keith should have cut him in on the $ publishing! The story might have turned out differently?

  4. Flowers came out in the year I graduated from high school. It is part of the soundtrack of my life from that transitional summer from high school to college and is one of my all time favorite albums. I loved listening to these tunes again and hearing the crackle of the vinyl between selections. Simply Wonderful!

  5. I prefer this era, when Brian’s musicality balanced out Mick and Keith’s songwriting style.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. But after all of these years….was it Andrew Loogie who suggested My GirL? Pshaw. Ouch. That was awful. All of the rest with Brian playing different instruments? Classic Stones.

  7. I was only 6 or 7 when I 1'st heard this album my brother was in Vietnam, so was the record that became mine, stone fan since then!

  8. I had this album in my collection 52 years ago when I was in junior high school. Played it over and over.

  9. By 1967 the Beatles had pushed all their chips in with four aces in the form of Sgt. Pepper. Great groups like the Hollies and the Kinks (the Dave Clark 5 got left behind in 1966) just couldn't make the jump to the level the Beatles did. The Stones couldn't either but they put out GREAT records. I love their 1966 – 1968 period. A Hollies record from 1967 sounds essentially like 1965 (great songs, don't get me wrong). The Stones had a rare gift of staying interesting and relevant. FLOWERS is awesome — thank you DJ Vinyl.

  10. 1 Peter 1:24
    “For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:”

  11. In the 60s I’ve collected all the Stones album as they were release by Decca or London label. I didn’t get the compilation like Through the Past Darkly or High Tide ( I realise later there was another version of Time is on My Side with organ intro). However I did get Flowers because there were 2 new song which were not on other album – My Girl, Sittin’ On A Fence.

  12. I was 13 when this was released and I got it then. I prefer Between the Buttons but this was a worthy release and it is lovely to hear. So many tracks in mono too. Which doesn't really work for Please Go Home — the stereo is the superior mix. But I love that you can post this.

  13. Im amased Rolling Stones used inferior quality – thisis like the first genertion tape recorder with first generation microphones ,I guess money did talk.

  14. That doesn't look like Mick in the middle. Bill and Charlie look about 17. I was a freshman in high school when this came out. Damn…

  15. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con K. Los recuerdos se arremolinan en mi cabeza haciéndome ver una PAZ inexistente al día de hoy. Gracias Stons.

  16. lets spend the night together, the one song that john forogt to mention for his top singles on an island, next to teenage kicks

  17. EARLY Stones VERY American SIXTIES Influenced !!!NOT my BAG on ALL of It BUT HEY the STONES !!! Was the ICONIC SIXTIES REBELS g

  18. June 1967 First Album in Mono, bought for $1.77. 4 weeks .50^ allowance advance! Not 1 bad song on thee whole LP. Played that record with scratches!

  19. I saw the Stones in August 1963 at the Silver Saddle Pool in Branchburg, N.J. Mick gave me a 45 RPM record, "Tell Me".(I still have it) They hadn't released their first song, "Tell Me". In 1964, New York WABC AM radio had a make it or break it contest. 52% voted to make it and 48% voted to break it on telephone call in votes.

  20. Took me 50+ years to really appreciate this album and all the talent behind it. At least I know how to dig it properly. God, I miss Charlie.

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