Seeding Fall Flowers and Checking on Sunflower Successions // Northlawn Flower Farm

Today I’m seeding more flowers for fall flowers! I’ll walk you through how to know what you can still seed in late July for blooms this year.


  1. Love your knowledge about succession planting and the gardens demonstrating the succession!

  2. Long time❣ The Olympic Games are being held in Japan. It's already summer. Olympic bouquet of sunflowers. it's cute.

    Sunflower's love word is to stare at you. I think that deserves the Olympics. May many sunflowers bloom at the Olympics.

    We would like to thank the American mass media for their interest in bouquets.

  3. Hi 👋🏻 you probably won’t have time to answer this but I’m going to send it and try anyway.
    I’m only a beginner gardener and I planted hundreds of gladioli bulbs but the thrips have ruined them all 😟😡
    I had no idea that they can be inside the corms when you plant them 🥺 should I just dig them all up now? and should I throw all the bulbs away and buy new ones next year? Any advice would be really appreciated 🙂🌸 X

  4. I planted close to 200 zinnias this spring, and now that they are blooming profusely, they have developed powdery mildew. Is there anything you can recommend to get rid of powdery mildew or to keep it from spreading?

  5. So do you treat your gladioli
    as annuals? You don't store the bulbs for next year? They come back okay don't they, not like Tulips? Love all the flowers you grow

  6. Stink bugs and squash bugs decimated my sunflower crop this year. I fought back to no avail. Ugh! Any suggestions if you experienced the same at any time? Thanks… all your gardens are beautiful!

  7. Hey Danielle, you rock lady. I have learned so much about flower farming from you this year! Super excited about seeding cosmos and pro cut sunflowers tomorrow ! Fingers crossed I can still find the seeds. I thought I was too late for direct seeding any flowers. Going to be filling in bare spots in my flower beds tomorrow !

  8. Beautiful. Great calculating on when to plant succession, I'm sure you've had lots of practice. I wish it were that easy to dig into my dirt. Ugh. I would have so much more going on here. Do not move to a land full of rocks you will hate it.

  9. Right there with you with having to change clothes, here it's three times a day now. 90% humidity today, I had to change after just watering the garden at 8am. "The air that you wear!"

  10. I love how you show you don't need fancy store-bought fertilizers to grow beautiful plants. The best thing for your soil and plants is compost. Better for the environment and soil structure plus is it so budget-friendly! I don't have a flower stand but I do succession sow flowers just so I have beauty coming into bloom until the first freeze.

  11. Danielle! Loving the updates! Thanks I definitely wanted to see how the succession planting with sunflowers was going. I do want to know if you could please let me know if you harvest your Benary’s giant zinnia seeds or queen series zinnias for next years season. Thanks! I appreciate it! I just don’t know if I should try to do that or just buy new seeds from Johnnys next year.

  12. Great video! Keep in mind that when planting after summer solstice, you have to add a week or two to the days to maturity to account for decreasing sun angle and slower growth rates of late summer and fall. Days to maturity on seed packets are calculated based on spring planting and the increase of sun exposure rather than the decreasing sun exposure of late summer and fall.

  13. Hey👋 Can you do a video on what you feed your flowers to get so big and beautiful for cutting? I'm so jealous of your garden😀 Love it!

  14. Danielle, thank you for the informative video. I was pondering if I should go for pro cuts sunflowers or if it is too late and your video answered the question. One request – at some point could you do a video on trellises that you use for different flowers? I see similar ones in your garden and in Longwood (which I frequent and am forever hoping to run into you there:-)) but would like to know more. Thank you!

  15. No Espoma BioTone? I thought everyone planted with it. Well, your garden looks quite healthy and Beautiful regardless of what you use or don't : D

  16. Thank you for your informative videos. I have powdery mildew on my zinnias. It's my first year planting zinnias. Any suggestions on how to prevent powdery mildew? I'm in zone 10b.

  17. I had a question about watering. Do you hand water everything? Or do you have any kind of soaker hoses or sprinkler system? Thanks Selena
    I love watching your videos!

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