Shrooms in your Pot?!?! Symbiotic Relationship between Mushrooms and House Plants

Hey guys so I found a little buddy in my oxalis plant!! A SHROOM!!!! So curiosity grabbed me and I learned why mushroom grow in pot. Below are the website that I found some information.
#Mushrooms #HousePlants #SymbioticRelationships

Intro Music:
Music: Shining Star
Musician: Koichi Morita


  1. Mycilium is the mushroom "roots".
    A mycorrhiza is a mutual symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant. The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the fungus in the plant's rhizosphere, its root system. Mycorrhizae play important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology, and soil chemistry. Wikipedia it just means you have healthy A1 soil.

  2. i have a determinate tomato plant growing in a pot, will it affect the actual tomatoes if theres a mushroom in the soil? i dont really know anything about gardening and im just growing this plant so i could cook with tomatoes
    great video by the way!

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