Starting Snapdragon Seeds Indoors 😍 Seed Storage and Scheduling Cut Flowers // Northlawn Flower Farm

I’m starting snapdragon seeds indoors today! I’ll show you how I store and schedule all my cut flower seeds. More videos on seed starting –
Starting Seeds –
Grow Lights –
Seed Starting Equipment –
– 48 cell pack inserts, watertight bottom trays, and humidity domes –
– Heat Mat –
– Metal Storage Rack that is the same length as your shop light –
– T8 Fluorescent shop light fixture with one cool and one warm T8 fluorescent bulb – (Bulbs sold separately at your local hardware store)
– Professional grade potting soil – Frey Professional Potting Mix – Frey Group LLC (
Plant Labels (Old popsicle sticks work great)


  1. I just love your "basic" organization. I have a question about frost dates. When I look up my zip code I get a chart with percentages across the top & temperatures down the left side. Dates are filled in the chart using those 2 axis. I wondered which percentage you use to determine your frost date.

  2. I’m so confused….google says no heat Matt’s for snaps. But other sites say use the matt….ugh. My husband tells me m listening too much. My go to are you, Laura and Nicole. Help!

  3. I have a question, first-time I am going to start indoor seed sowing this year (excited and anxious) and I want to start with snapdragons in my zone 5b. The research I have done is conflicting – om are covering their seeds, others are not, some are starting in a seed starter and then transferring into potting soil, others are sowing right away into the soil. I want to use jiffy peat pellets. I have a new little grow light system and a heat mat as my room only goes to 65 degrees, although if these seeds like cooler temps this might be fine. OK, I had three questions lol. I always follow the videos here and would love your advice, or from fellow subscribers here. Greetings from Ottawa Canada!

  4. Hi Danielle! Love your videos and have been binging them lately! Lol. Wondering how you know what cool annual flowers to start first? How do you know which ones need more time or less time? Thanks so much!

  5. OMG, I was just wondering how I should organize my seeds (only my 2nd year gardening). Your explanation was great! Maybe add a quick graph for visual learners, would be my only suggestion.

  6. I have started 3 trays of snaps. In 2 trays, the snaps' leaves are stunted and curled. Any ideas what it could be? I fertilized once with a weak kelp liquid fertilizer. Maybe it wasn't weak enough?

  7. This was so helpful! Would you do a more in depth video on your calendar? I'm filling mine in now and we're in the same zone. I'd love to see the time frames you put in – I'm still a beginner.

  8. Thank you Danielle! 😊 you truly are my favorite gardener to watch and learn from. I love that you don't over complicate things. Simple, effective, beautiful gardening.

  9. I noticed (I think) you put 2 seeds per cell – what rate of germination do you get, and if 2 pop up do you pull one?
    Also, you didn't add any mix on top of the seeds – do they need to be on the surface.
    I'm in 6b as well and are starting my snapdragons for the first time tomorrow.
    You put out very helpful videos. Thanks

  10. I thought I would grow some of these tall snaps this year, along with stock. Avid grower and seed starter, but first time for these!
    So, I got a little worried when I realized the Costa, silver was a group 2…wasn’t familiar with the groups. I was relived when I saw you starting some! I’m in southern Ohio. A three or 4 would probably be safer (we sometimes rush into summer temps) but, I certain it would take hoops to start these in fall. Trying to get the gist of more cool flowers. Your vids help a lot!
    When do think you will plant the snaps, that you just sowed, out in the ground? Mine just popped up. I do have hoops and plan on a double layer of AG 19…if needed. Also unsure about that. But, curious just how earlier they can go out if hardened off.

  11. I just planted some snapdragons in my raised beds. I'm in Florida so I don't have to worry about seed starting indoors 😊. This is my first year with Snaps 🌱 and I'm very excited

  12. Baseball caps for the win! 😁 I'm also in 6b so I'm always asking, "WWDD?" (What would Danielle do?) So a 72 tray just went under the lights. Thanks for your work.

  13. Hi danielle!! I have some snapdragon seeds from johnnys- how do I know if they are group one or group two or a different group?? I hope I will be able to get some started now and plant them out in a few weeks 🙂

  14. One of my favorite flowers! They volunteer themselves every year in the front of my house and they don't need watering even in the high desert. I have no idea what variety they are but they grow in several colors. The only thing I ever have to do to them is when they start turning brown in the fall I pull them up. By then they've already dropped seeds for next year.

  15. Hello there! You wouldn't by chance have a pdf or something that details when you start your seeds? We are in the same zone (I'm not too far from you in Weirton, WV) and this is my 3rd year but I still can't seem to get the timing right so, as of now, whenever you sow something, I will too. Today, I am sowing my snaps. I'm sowing them all though because I have no idea what type they are (1, 2, 3, 4, etc…) as that info is not written on my packets. Thanks in advance for any advice you may want to bestow upon me. lol

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