STOP Putting Gravel At The Bottom Of Your Pots!

One of the most common container gardening myths is the use of gravel at the bottom of a pot to improve drainage. Not only is this pointless…it has the OPPOSITE effect! Instead, use high-quality potting soil, learn how to actually water your plants, and make sure you choose the right container.


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  1. Thoughts about using gravel at the bottom of a pot with no hole to create a drainage reservoir? Obv, drainage holes are better, but when you have a large indoor pot that you can't move, what's the solution?

  2. My mom does this with tomatoes she grows in metal bins with no drainage. Works great for her. But i always seen it öike a water resevoir in the bottom. Bit i dont know. Her tomatoes usually grows better than mine does. 😂.

    Getting good tomatoes usually means having even watering. So maybe this helps with that?

  3. Sounds like you're talking about adding a drainage holes in lieu of gravel at the bottom? I've found that even drainage holes are not enough. Best solution I've found is to use course ground gravel at the bottom over drainage holes and then apply a layer of soil fabric over the top to prevent sediments from passing through, then potting soil over that. Even high quality potting soils have fine particles which will clog drainage holes over time. I've literally had to drill holes into the sides of the bottom of my pots to release built up fluid pressure in pots that have clogged even with several large diameter drainage holes a the bottom of that pot. And this has happened several times, not just randomly. Maybe it's different in SD, I'm in a little hotter climate and I need to water twice a day or plants will die. I have to fill them to the top to get them through the day… Funny how things can be the same, but yet very different…

  4. I'm very bad at container gardening but I usually start with seeds so that may be my problem. I actually collect rocks as I'm gardening and keep them in a bucket to use because I think that it keeps soil from pouring out into my saucer. What are your thoughts on that?

  5. Water evacuate faster without gravel ? You talking nonsense my friend. Spaces between gravel bits are bigger than in regular soil so water as heavier than air is IMMIEDIATELY leaked out and replaced by much lighter air AND that is what prevent root rot – AIR. STOP RUINING YOUTUBE.

  6. What about putting sand at the bottom of an outdoor potted rosemary in a climate with constant drenching rain? This was my plan because rosemary planted in the ground, even in raised beds are just unhappy. I thought i would bring it inside for the rainiest season.
    Any advice would be great!

  7. Hmm Darn, I've just repotted mine 3 days or so ago, and put stones at the bottom and used a compost that drains well. I thought the gravel was to stop soil escaping through the pot hole. I'll have to see what happens as maybe they will not want distrubed so soon after repotting? Or should I go in and remove the gravel and pebbles now?

  8. I grew the best bud of my life with cypress mulch(It takes like a year or so to break down so it's similar to gravel) at the bottom of a rain science pot. I'm not at all convince of this lol

  9. WRONG! gravel helps prevent the hole from clogging – this dude is dangerous don't listen to him

  10. You have it all wrong. Rocks or gravel in the bottom of a pot is used to prevent the soil from plugging the drain holes. They act as a filter. Soil compacts over time. You can see this by the way soil dries out and separates from the plastic pot on the sides. Water then travels around the soil sides and drains out without any water actually reaching the roots. Gravel or rocks will not prevent this but I use this as an example of how soil compacts and plugs drain holes.

  11. God self righteousness overload, your diagram didn’t actually provide any useful explanation of your ideas, you have no idea what you’re on about the gravel at the bottom is to stop the holes clogging end of story, I bet you buy your plants from the supermarket when the old ones die from root rot.

  12. That's I almost brought some stones from Amazon and then I saw this video. Now I won't. Thanks for saving me money for my roses.

  13. I plant in half wine barrels. Drill a few holes 3" up from the bottom, add wood chips or what you have, mix in some GP fertilizer. These are so deep you can add 6 to 10" of wood chips to save on soil. top off each year as they break down. Now you have a 3" space with water on tap for the soil. Simple and works with plastic anything too.

  14. In my plate under the pot I find fungus nats and some white minute worms. I don’t know what this is and how to eliminate it.
    I have also covered the top soil with black plastic to stop the nats laying egg in the wet soil. If I don’t have anything under the hole I fear the nats will get in from under and lay their egg just by the roots. Pls help.

  15. I need your help. How to take care of a Peace Lilly. I have tried and tried but can not keep them alive. Either I overwater or underwater. No matter what I will get Yellow leaves from too much water or Brown leave or cruel leaves. I just can keep them alive. Some people say to just water them from a Plate and not from the top. Some say completely drown them in water and then let the water drain off. Again that did not work. I keep the plant 10-15 feet from the window. I only have either an East or West Facing window.. DO you have any real Advice?

  16. Lol i see he has no evidence for this, i have gravel at the bottom of my pots and about 30 seconds after i water the plants i see water come out the bottom… even when the soil is dry(ish)… it doesn’t habe to be “completely saturated” that just defies Physics

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