SUB / flower shop vlog | About Tulips, 이 계절 아름다운 튤립에 대하여, 튤립 관리 방법

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Used flower
bouquet 1- 불사조, 데이토나 튤립, 버터플라이 라넌큘러스, 퐁퐁 국화, 설유화 등.
bouquet 2 – 튤립, 마가렛, 스위트피, 프리틸라리아

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  1. I love tulips and I love your video 🤍🤍 it’s so beautiful and soothing. Thank you for the video about tulips. Wishing you every single day filled with smiles and happiness 🫶🏻🫶🏻.

  2. Thanks for the tulips tips. That's why I kept wondering why the tulips I bought from the market here in Bangkok became wide open in just a day or two. I saw the shop kept them in a fully-blasted air-conditioning too.

  3. This good was on my “home’ page today and I initially thought, with? Why? The. I watched it and loved it… thank you for making the vlog. Opened my eyes a bit… I thought, who would care about flowers this much although I watch vlogs on things such as woodworking.. lol. I realized now I am into this…so, thanks for making. ❤️

  4. Hii, have you tried a hack that pokes a hole on tulip and apparently it makes them not drop. If you tried it please share your thought. Thanks in advance🙏🏻🥰

  5. Why are you removing leaves, is there a reason? Will it make a flower last longer or the oposite? There is something very unnatural in that, like cutting a limb to someone.

  6. Beautiful tulips and nice video that reminds me that spring has come. Looking forward to having tulips from my own garden soon. Very romantic it is with kites in your video. Have a nice day

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