1. You were an angel in the shape of our dad,
    When he wasn’t there for my lil’ sis and me…
    We still wear your old Polo T-shirts,
    As we and our reformed dad
    Pray that God took you back,
    Saying: “Hallelujah, you’re Home!” :’)

    Love & miss you, Papa.

  2. I really miss my brother I remember his funeral like it was yesterday I was young but I remember it clearly. I am a huge wreck since he left in 2008. But it's ture my brother has his wings now and is in his real home

  3. This song genuinely hurts me. I love my mother so much, when I was younger I would imagine being at her funeral and stay up for hours on end crying and crying about how I didn't want to lose her. This song is a keeper for coping when it inevitably happens for her to go to heaven.

  4. my grandma died 3days ago,the one who raised me and listens to me all the time when me and father went on a fight,ilove her so much and she is cremated,and now hallelujah,she's home.

  5. This is such an emotional song, im really sad that Eds grandma didn't hear it, and mine too. I just did this on my Saxophone 🎷 Channel and it made me cry whilst recording it. I'm sure this song brings a tear to many of us. I definitely cried no matter how many times I've heardit, who else cried out there?

  6. hey haha. its been over a year since i’ve made my last paragraph, and believe it or not i was actually planning on ending my life during the time i wrote that. i woke up with this song stuck in my head, and i looked it up on here and sifted through the comments, and decided that i wanted to help anybody who was willing to read that who was going through the roughest patch in their life. i’m not going to lie, it’s been so bad recently. everything is dark, foggy and grey, i’ve been feeling insanely depressed as of the past year and i don’t know how to keep going, but i’m going to keep trying. i’m valid for feeling the way i’m feeling, i’m valid for crying and breaking down and feeling like nothing is going to get better, which it will. i’m in highschool this year, and especially people my age, everything feels so permanent. everything seems permanent when you’re young. and it’s not. nothing is permanent, and that’s what makes everything precious and valuable, that’s what should motivate you to make the most of every second you have with yourself, your friends/family/anything you put your heart into. i hope i get out of this hole soon. and, the person reading this, if you’re in a similar position i am right now, you’ll get out soon. keep going. the world needs you

  7. I miss you mom 1/12/2021 was the worst day of my life. I miss you every day. I go to sleep wishing I can see you in my dreams. What I would give to hug you one more time. Rest in peace my best friend, my hero, my teacher, My mother.

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