Doodling Potted plants

Hey guys! Here I have some random doodles of potted plants. Please please please excuse my eczema, its been so bad recently, and I’ve been trying to medicate it, but since it’s on my hands, and I always use my hands, it just doesn’t always work. If looking at it really bothers you, I’ll wear… Continue reading Doodling Potted plants

Potted Plant/Succulent Doodles | Doodle with Me

Hello! I decided to redo the whole video because I felt that the previous one was a bit disappointing. My hand covered almost the whole video and didn’t make sense at all. Thanks to those who pointed it out. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll do my best in fixing my angles in my future videos. As requested,… Continue reading Potted Plant/Succulent Doodles | Doodle with Me