The 7 Best Tall & Skinny Indoor Plants for Cozy Spaces!

Welcome to the Planterina farmhouse! My business partner found this amazing turn-of-the-century farmhouse that dates back to 1900 and we are in the process of moving furniture and furnishings into it. Today we received our first new shipment of large and tall–yet narrow–indoor plants that will not take up too much floor space but will give a feeling of height to the 8′ ceilings here. They also make the open floor plan of this farmhouse feel cozy!

Top 7 Tall & Skinny Indoor Plants for Cozy Spaces:

1:10 Ming Aralia
3:38 Ficus Audrey
4:45 Staked Giant Jade Pothos
6:26 Ficus Lyrata | Fiddle Leaf Fig
7:24 Monstera Adansonii
8:28 Bird of Paradise | Strelizia Nicolai
9:28 Heartleaf Philodendron | Philodendron cordatum

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  1. WISH! I wish you all would put the plant name on the screen like you did with the first one (because she said it wrong). Reason being, I take screen shots to remember. Then I can look them up to see if they’re poisonous to cats. If they’re not, I’ll search it out to purchase. Otherwise, it a nice video to watch and ultimately, forgotten. Rarely do I have a pen paper near to write this info down. Great house, nice plants.

  2. Amanda, I would appreciate your help in locating a resource to purchase such large plants. How did you and Lauren do it? Did you order them from a retailer or did the retailer(s) already have them on hand for sale? Help please!

  3. Hi Amanda. I have a huge ficus elastica burgundy. It's beautiful, but too bushy in my opinion. It's 6 feet tall and 6 feet diameter! I'd love some tips on training it to grow taller. I'm afraid to prune it because it might just decide to branch out even more? Not sure what to do. Please please help. Thanks!!!

  4. I love your house. You are so blessed to be able to buy a house this beautiful for work, I can't even get a house for my family 😍 love this can wait to see you fill it 🥰

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