The BEST Oxygen Purifying Houseplants 2021 | Top Indoor Plants for the Healthiest Home

Learn our favorite oxygen purifying, easy-to-grow, and healthiest houseplants + CARE TIPS & HOW TO GROW.
BEST air purifier plants for cleaner, healthy air in your home in 2022!

Purifying Plants in order of appearance…and by Chapter!
0:00 – 0:24 Intro
0:25 – 1:25 Split Leaf Philodendron (Monstera Deliciosa) – Huge leaves!
1:26 – 2:15 Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Adansonii) – Can hang or climb!
2:16 – 4:04 Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) – A bit picky, but comes in so many sizes and shapes!
4:05 – 5:08 Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) – Fragrant flowers and low light tolerance
5:09 – 7:16 Snake Plants (Sansevieria ‘Whitney’) – Bulletproof and elegant
7:17 – 8:11 Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) – Safe for animals and kids!
8:12 – 9:55 Phoenix Palm – Will do well in hot and dry!
9:55 – 10:52 Store Info

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Video by Tyler Sirman Photography


  1. I need to not kill my cat, sadly my favorites are very toxic to him. After not touching them for years, he got stupid and… over a grand at the vet hospital.

  2. I've had the same snake plant for almost 50 years! I bought it for 39 cents when it was small and half dead, and now it's huge. Every few years I remove it from the pot and use a hatchet or a saw to break the root ball in half. I keep one half and repot it in the same container with new dirt. In the summer it sits on my front steps in the sun and the rain, and I water it with the hose if we're having a drought. Every summer it blossoms! Before taking it inside for the winter, I flush out the soil liberally with the hose and let it thoroughly drain to get rid of pests. I also pull out leaves, twigs, and acorns and remove yellowed leaves. In the winter it sits in front of my north facing slider in the corner of my kitchen. I water it weekly, but not too much. It does very well with this regimen.

  3. Beautiful display of plants!! Love all the greenery…..thanks for the tips and great instructions. Have a blessed rest of your day!!
    Texas Nana 🤠
    PSALM 91

  4. I am really curious. Anyone know how many plants you need in say a 10-15 sq/m room to really benefit from the air purifying?
    I mean do you have almost have to cover the room with plants or is say 5 plants enough to benefit from it.

  5. Great little tour! I never thought of palms as being air purifiers, so learned something new.
    I, too, refer to my potted plants as "this little guy here" and "that guy over there"! LOL

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