Time-Lapse: Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes | Short Film Showcase

Witness dozens of different types of flowers unfurling in this stunning time-lapse video from filmmaker David de los Santos Gil. He used 5,000 out of 50,000 shots of his floral subjects for the final video, which was filmed over a period of nine months.
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Time-Lapse: Watch Flowers Bloom Before Your Eyes | Short Film Showcase

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  1. Absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Thanks for uploading this video National Geographic!

  2. Today I showed this video to my pre-nursery students as we are exploring about colors. They talked about what colours they saw and that a flower can have more than one colour. This video was beyond beautiful with some amazing background music. I loved it, my kids loved it. Thank you for this.

  3. National Geographic: a science magazine, showing wonders of nature.
    People in comments: GOD!!!1

    Seems like someone never learns…

  4. National geographic, very beautiful video we really like your wonderful video congratulations for your beautiful video all the best for you, always be very happy.

  5. Good day! I would like to ask permission for me to use this for my video for my video editing. Thank you

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