Top 10 Most Beautiful Indoor Plants Countdown!

Today I am at the farmhouse with Lauren and we have chosen our top 10 favorite indoor plants! We actually made a mistake and FORGOT THE HOYA EXOTICA!! So sorry!!!

In reverse order:
10. Dieffenbachia Tiki
9. Ric Rac Cactus
8. Watermelon Vine
7. Peacock Fern / Rainbow Fern
6. Homalomena Selby
5.Calathea Makoyana
4. Hoya Exotica / Hoya carnosa
4. Calathea Whitestar
3. Philodendron Micans
2. Tradescantia Purple
1.Stromanthe Triostar


  1. Personally i would say albo monstera at 1 , i have one myself with lots of variegation and its so beautiful

  2. Great to see both of you in the video together. The energy is wonderful!👍🏻👍🏻

  3. I love the banter between you two; I would actually mistake you for siblings lol! Please have her and other guests on your channel more often. 🙂

  4. I thought the Fiddle Leaf would be #1!! All plants are beautiful though! 😍❤️🙏🏻

  5. 🌿I just bought the #5, Calathea, so I’m digging for videos about it and found your channel and I had to sub. Now I’ve binge watched like 6 videos of yours that have nothing to do with it! Awesome channel, and the most informative yet! 😘xoxo

  6. I have a Philodendron Micans and she is such a beauty and grows so fast im such a proud plant momma🥰🌱

  7. What a great list. Some are easy to care for and some are quite easily found. Thanks for this list!! It’s much more realistic for us, and we can now better appreciate them.

    Thanks for all these videos!

  8. Your #1 is my new must have plant! I didn't catch what the name of it is, how do you propagate them? Better as a house plant or outside? I'm in zone 10. Southern Florida.

  9. Peacock fern is horrible 😣 but each to their own huh 🙃 thank you for this video Amanda … 🧤👒🦘🐨🇦🇺🪴

  10. How to 'sneak it in' Amanda? Call it 8.5 and it fits right in! BTW, I just ordered a Watermelon Vine last night. Can't wait until it arrives. Thanks for the show and tell time ladies!

  11. Great video! So many beautiful choices. Really liked the count down from number10 to number 1! 👌🌿🥰💚

  12. why this gives me "The devil wears Prada" vibes? Am I the only one who thinks that Amanda's and Lauren's energy clash?

  13. Curious about the ric rac cactus. You mentioned the growth is skinny when it isn’t getting enough light. Mine starts out like skinny arms but then fattens up later, kind of like its own version of “hardening off,” but it’s done that in both medium indirect as well as southern bright direct. Is it not supposed to push out new leaves as skinny round stems before it plumps up? I mean it’s growing just fine and pretty quickly too, but yeah, just curious is all.

  14. I’ve watched almost all of Amanda’s solo videos, this one was hard to watch. I literally could not retain one bit of information. Hopefully they get some practice lol

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